Feeling Meh? Check Out The New Spongebob Designs!

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Today we released the new SpongeBob SquarePants collection featuring 6 SpongeBob designs including grand prize winning design, What Makes a Sponge So Spongy? by Budi Satria Kwan.

Hey Budi! Give us a rundown of what you’ve been up to. Where ya livin’? Whatcha doin’?
I am currently living in Makassar, Indonesia. I am working as graphic designer & illustrator. Lately I spend most of my time working on self-initiated work instead of commissioned works. I am also working on going back to make offline artwork (with paper and paint). It is quite a difficult adjustment with years doing things on the computer and having the convenience of being able to undo, copy, and paste in one single click.

You’ve been printed again! What’s your secret?
I think I am lucky that my works are welcomed at Threadless. I constantly review the scores of my designs that are submitted to Threadless. From there I learn about the current mood. Then add my own twist to make a design that is for Threadless.

Are you a SpongeBob fan? Who is your favorite character?
I am a huge fan. My favorite character is Squidward. So artsy fartsy, so adult. I think SpongeBob SquarePants is the most contemporary kids’ cartoon right now. I almost believe it is partly made for adults. How do you explain to kids about someone who felt miserable stuck in dead end job in fast food industry? Or the gravestone with “Here Lies Squidward's Hopes and Dreams” written on it? It is something that only adults can relate to.

Your grand prize winning design features SpongeBob created out of lots of SpongeBob-related items. Speak about the process of creating that a little. Did you create objects that would fit or did you create the tiny objects first and just kind of move them together until they fit?
I created tens of silhouette made of characters from Spongebob Squarepants. They are then resized, rotated, and arranged to form the shape of Spongebob. I adjusted the colors accordingly so the shape could represent Spongebob clearer.

One of your designs features Squidward. How did you come up with this design? Do you relate to his personality at all?
Squidward was the first image that appeared in my mind when I found out about the competition. I wanted the design to be really direct and able to be used by anyone to express the mood of the day. The original line was "I hate Monday.... Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.” However, the line became too long for t-shirt design, so I summed it up in one word, “Meh.” It turned out to be the most effective option to express Squidward (and possibly the feeling of the t-shirt wearer).
Check out the whole SpongeBob collection, new today!

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Anda sangat luar biasa!

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i'm jealous you get to go to the Shellabration

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wow, congrats.. Nice design :)


Keren abis design nya om....congrats!!!


You are amazing! ^_^ congrats! I hope I can be like you someday! :D

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