Check Out The Winning Tee From The World Bicycle Relief Challenge!

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Congrats to Matt Hoch! His design, World of Bike is the big winner from the World Bicycle Relief challenge! His design is now available on a tee and 25 limited edition messenger bags. Meet Matt!

Where are you from?
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

What’s your day job?
Member Service Representative at Royal Credit Union, but I am an aspiring artist.

This is your first design submission. What about this challenge made you to decide to submit?
I was drawn to this design competition because I enjoy biking and thought the cause was a good one.


It took a whole lotta bikes to create the world in your design. Tell us a little bit about your creative process for this submission.
I wanted to design something that incorporated the entire world. I had some troubles along the lines, but I was able to push through and I'm glad I'm able to share this design with the world. I hope others use this to promote biking and to be more conscious about our planet and ways to preserve and take care of it. We only get one.

25% of the proceeds from your design will support World Bicycle Relief to bring more bikes to more communities. Is this cause one close to your heart?
Honestly, this was the first time I've heard of the cause and was very intrigued by it. I’m glad my design can help those in need and make others' lives better. I think it would be wonderful to travel to the different countries and see how much the bikes have benefited those who have received them so far.


You’ve won a ton of biker SWAG including a custom made bike! Congrats! What’s your favorite part of the prizing?
The handmade bicycle sculpture by Charles Mwanjeleka! I've already got it in a display case!

Are you a biker yourself? What’s your favorite thing about biking?
I enjoy biking and can't wait for the weather to become nice again. Living in Wisconsin is very trying at times, especially these past few days where we've gone from no snow and 70 degree weather to 30 degree weather and 8 inches of snow. I'm very excited to work with Iron Cycles to have a custom bike built! I'm planning a trip to Chicago to get everything in order!

Do you commute via bike or just ride for fun?
Currently, I like to ride for fun. However, this summer, I would like to start commuting to work. Our city is very bike friendly and prides itself on it's yearly additions and improvements to the trails for those who enjoy biking and are conscious about the planet.


Congrats again to Matt! Pick up the tee or messenger bag now!

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Boo on your choice of map; the Afro-centric map chosen is just as distorted as the oft-vilified Euro-centric map (Mercator projection) used so frequently in the 20th. A better projection for you to have used is the Kavrayskiy VII projection that is far more accurate, nearly as perfect as a globe.


Congratulations keep up the great work!!

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Well deserved!!! Big congrats!

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