There's A Boot In My Snake! Missing Something....

by Queeg500 / artdesign /

A simple twist on the famous quote, "There's a snake in my boot", here is my latest WIP 'There's A Boot In My Snake'.

It's really lacking in something(s) at the minute. I'd be grateful for suggestions on how to improve this.

I mentioned in another blog (which I'm about to bump actually), I'm really keen to learn and so if anyone is up for collaborating and helping me grow, I'm not only game but would massively appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Exactly what BeanePod said, although those segmented snake toys are too freakin' cool (especially the ones that are carved from a single piece of wood).

Are you from TX or Arizona or such? I'm not sure but here in Ohio (for example), the phrase probably isn't popular enough to be clever and recognizable when reversed, although I bet in some of the dustier states (where you shake your boots out every morning before putting them on, especially when camping), this might be a gem.

Your outlines are a bit thin and tenuous. Maybe widen them up? Taper them at the ends? Are you making lines and then curving and converting them to paths? If not, that's the way to go, and well worth learning (although I STILL suck at it.)


Oops, wait, you're not from TX, you're from UK, LOL! I guess I have no idea of the popularity of "There's a snake in my boot!" in Leeds or anywhere else British, although it seems a brilliant and all-around useful metaphor. And you folks that I've known (especially the Irish) seem way more obsessed with old westerns than any Americans, LOL. Good luck!


Hey, I gotta know now -- How is "There's a snake in my boot" used in the UK? And does "boot" have a double-meaning as in the "trunk" (the U.S. term) of a car, and can "boot" also mean a person's butt (okay, UK "bum") the way trunk (and caboose and other metaphors) very occasionally mean backside in the US?

Whoa, that was a hard question to ask.

Cheers! ;-)


Its obviously a quote from Woody from Toy Story with a spin on it...


Wolfgang8885 pretty much summed this up! I did mention that it's just a simple twist on the quote. It has nothing to do with my lifestyle whatsoever! The concept, a simple one, is that a snake has eaten Woody, and so the line is reversed, 'there's a boot in my snake'.

As for the word boot, shanemichaelg: footwear, trunk of a car, occasionally to describe an unattractive/unpleasant female.


Still looking for feedback and suggestions for this please.

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