Threadless Still Loves Minecraft

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One of the things we really enjoy in Threadless Tech is Minecraft. You all remember our Minecraft Challenge, right? It was one of the best we had. Wouldn't it be great if we could combine Threadless and Minecraft in more ways? We thought so, and so we did!

One of the new technology initiatives we've been working on is our Threadbare API. Written in Python and running on the Twisted server, it lets us exchange data between various apps or features on the site asynchronously, meaning things can run in the background without you having to wait for them and they'll update the site when they're done. So that makes Threadbare perfect for exchanging data between our application database and our Minecraft database. For the game, we have a Bukkit server running with Essentials, LWC, Towny and some other things. You start off in the Player group when you first join, but if you go to your Threadless profile and add your Minecraft name under Link Other Accounts, Threadbare will tell the game server and you'll get promoted to the Member group. This lets you be able to teleport, set a home warp and gives you access to the MembersOnly kit. There's other in-game stuff you can unlock by doing things on too!

You're all invited to come play with us if you'd like to check it out. Just start up Minecraft and connect to our server at

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Scott/grafumbly did an amazing job with this and it's making me want to play Minecraft again. Kudos to him!

Demented profile pic Alumni

Got totally lost in the city, so I figured I go and make myself a little shelter somewhere in the swamps. Looks good guys!

fightstacy profile pic Alumni
Demented said:

Got totally lost in the city, so I figured I go and make myself a little shelter somewhere in the swamps. Looks good guys!

Its such a good shelter, i'm going to build one near it, ..we can trade sugar

fightstacy profile pic Alumni

I joined the server, and it was filled with weirdo's ..I drove them all away by making them feel bad about what they were doing.

Demented profile pic Alumni

Think I ran into the same guys, buncha random dudes on there who thought it'd be awesome to first complement me on my building and slay me three seconds later when I'm just working on my house :') Yeah thanks a lot dudes.


Love the server. I'm megamonkey01, moderator


Graf is great, the servers always been fun.



When Will the server be back up? -Solvingswine7


This was the best server i have ever been on i would love for it to come back up. This server was the first and best server i have been on.

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