Check Out The Rockin’ Design That Won The Asg Guitar Challenge!

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Today, you can pick up Ruel jun Andaya’s design 13th Serpent, the winning design from the ASG design challenge! Along with cash prizing, Ruel also won an ASG guitar with his design printed on it. Ruel hails from the Philippines, has a great appreciation for music and thanks to his winnings, recently got to treat his family to some special gifts. Read our interview with him below.


What was your inspiration for the design? The design I used in the ASG contest is from a sketch I did almost a month before the contest was posted. When i saw the contest and the prizes, especially the guitar, I told myself that if my design would be printed on a guitar it should be about me, so I decided to use the water snake design. It is a personal piece that I did for the year 2013, the year of the water snake, because it is my birth year. And of course for my family, as they have always been my inspiration.

Are you musical? Yes, I love to play guitar and was in a band back in my college days. We played cover songs of our favorite band, Coheed and Cambria, and a local band, Urbandub. I have two guitars right now but neither are as cool as the ASG guitar that I’ve won!


What 8 songs would be on the perfect mix tape? 1. Goodnight, Fair Lady by Coheed and Cambria 2. First of Summer by Urbandub 3. Everlong by Foo Fighters 4. Faint of Hearts by Coheed and Cambria 5. One Day by Matisyahu 6. New Perspective by Fall Out Boy 7. The Last Song by All-American Rejects 8. The Afterman by Coheed and Cambria

What was the process like designing something for two very different canvases (guitar and tee)? It was not really too much trouble for me since I already had the sketch for the design. I did the shirt design first because it’s an easier shape to work with. In the guitar design, i just added some shapes so it wouldn’t look empty on the middle part and the base of the neck. The process in the design itself is mostly experimental. I learned some new things in this design process, especially doing a custom pattern. I used a complicated pattern for the scales. Most of my work deals with trial and error.

It looks like you had a birthday recently How did you celebrate? i just turned 24 last February 5. Not much celebration. But when I won the contest we celebrated. I brought my family to the mall to shop, especially my mom. This is the first time I bought something for her since I graduated and started to work as a freelance artist. She was very happy and that made me triple times happier than when I won the contest.

Congrats Ruel! You can pick up the tee on Threadless and the guitar on!

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dudeowl profile pic Alumni

excellent job! Congrats!

campkatie profile pic Alumni

sick design! Congratulations


galing galing! so happy 4 u tol! hehe :D


congrats sir rua ! astig talaga .... di sayang pagshare ko sa page ko :)


Really awesome!! Congrats!!!

rhobdesigns profile pic Alumni

Congrats Rua!!! Well deserved! And yeah, New Perspective is by Panic at the Disco :)


Big congrats, the guitar and tee look beautiful, also: Coheed for life!!!

ArmedProphet profile pic Alumni

Like most musicians, I resent low quality, overly expensive, Chinese-made guitars taking over the industry, marketed specifically to those unfortunate souls don't know any better. If my artwork were contributing to their sales, I would be ashamed. The saving grace here though is in the idea. I'd like to see Threadless hook up with one of the master luthiers running shops in the Chicago area and release some high-quality, limited-run, USA guitars at the $999 price point sold directly through the Threadless site. It can be done and and a few designs, limited, once yearly would be a success. Drop the ASG jokers, rise above Threadless and give a Chicago area luthier some work while providing the Threadless community guitars they can be proud of, guitars that aren't $600 throw-aways.

rua_bloodrust profile pic Alumni

haha and sorry for the New Perspective it was from Panic at the Disco...


Congrats kua rua! :D

rua_bloodrust profile pic Alumni

yeah sorry hehehehe my bad... just a mistake...

Rocknroll787 said:

DUDE. FIX YOURSELF. NEW PERSPECTIVE IS BY Panic! at The Disco. NOT FALL OUT BOY. On the other hand, awesome guitar. I want one.


Wow! Where did that come from dude? That was a fierce reaction for a simple mistake. LOL you drunk, hyped or something? Epic dude. CHILL!

Rocknroll787 said:

DUDE. FIX YOURSELF. NEW PERSPECTIVE IS BY Panic! at The Disco. NOT FALL OUT BOY. On the other hand, awesome guitar. I want one.

ArmedProphet profile pic Alumni

Rua, in my disgust at Threadless helping to litter the earth with ASG guitars I forgot to mention that your design is incredible! You're a phenomenal artist with a very rare talent, keep it up bro.

Mind It

Mind's really amazing. Well deserved. Congrats :)


NICE. Congratulations sir RUA! :)


Congrats! it was so cool.


awesome. congrats!


wooooooooooohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! great job!!!!!!!


aw... congrats idol Rua! your the best pre... now ko lang nakita to kaw pala nanalo. :D

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