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It’s March and the madness has begun! You can’t turn your head without seeing some kind of competition bracket, and we’re joining in on the fun. For the next two weeks, let’s watch 8 Threadless designs battle it out.

For the next two weeks, help us decide who wins each battle by “liking” your favorite design on our Facebook page. Those votes will count as 80% of that design’s score. BONUS: One randomly chosen voter will win a $25 Threadless gift code to pick up the design they voted for!

For the final 20%, two Threadstaffers, each representing one of the two designs in that battle, will compete in a challenge. We’ll post the video of the challenge after voting closes, and the winning Threadstaffer will score extra points for their design.

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FINAL BATTLE: Omnomnomnivore! <

I Hate Vegans by Randyotter VS. Omnomnomnivore by Aled Lewis

Headed into the Threadstaff challenge, “I Hate Vegans” had a slight lead in points (42 - 38) but with Betsy’s win, Omnomnomnivore won the extra 20% and took home the trophy!!

Battle SIX WINNER: I Hate Vegans

I Hate Vegans by Randyotter VS. Falling Notes by Danmir Mercado

Dane scored the extra 20% for “I Hate Vegans” securing “I Hate Vegans” a spot in the final battle!


Dr. Hoo by Mallory Dyer VS.Omnomnomnivore by Aled Lewis

The Facebook voting was very, very close (42 Omnomnomnivore to 38 Dr. Hoo) but with Betsy’s win in the challenge, Omnomnomnivore takes the win and is going to the final!


Life of a Pie by MadCobra and Che Munoz VS. I Hate Vegans by Randyotter

To top off a win with Facebook points, Dane scored the 20% bonus points making “I Hate Vegans” as the victor in this battle.

Battle THREE WINNER: Omnomnomnivore! 65/35

Omnomnomnivore by Aled Lewis and Abigail Lewis VS. Sushi by Benjamin Ang

Betsy scored the 20 extra bonus points for Omnomnomnivore bringing the score to 65(45+20)/35!

Battle TWO WINNER: Falling Notes!

Nyeinstein* by ellygeh VS. Falling Notes by Danmir Mercado

Although Nyeinstein technically won the battle with scoring points AND bonus points, Falling Notes takes this battle because, unlike Nyeinstein, Falling Notes managed not to disappear from our site:)

Congrats to Facebook voter Trevor McGuire! You scored a gift code for voting!

Battle one WINNER: Dr. Hoo! 59/41

Dr. Hoo by Mallory Dyer VS. I’ve Forgotten Why I Shouldn’t Blink by Alice X. Zhang

The scoring results on Facebook are: I've Forgotten...:21 & Dr. Hoo: 59

In the challenge, Mo won 20 extra bonus points for I’ve Forgotten Why I Shouldn’t Blink but Dr. Hoo stole the win!

Congrats to Facebook scorer Cassidy Price, you scored a gift code to pick up Dr. Hoo!

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Dr. Hoo! Definitely:) The other is beautifully made, but nothing beats cute owls;)


P.S. "Liked" it too.

I'm really liking this battle idea:)


This is fun! Shouldn't it say 'Battle 5 winner' where it says 'Battle 7 winner' though? Since the final would be Battle 7?


too bad the only way to vote is via facebook. otherwise this would be fun


Awesome! :)

dudeowl profile pic Alumni

Very nice!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni


ellygeh profile pic Alumni

Ahah awesome idea!!

ellygeh profile pic Alumni

D'aaaww man c'mon :(!

Great job though, speedy!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Choose your favorite by liking it in this Facebook album by 10 CT tomorrow! We’ll post the video of the Threadstaffer competition tomorrow and the results from the first battle!

But there are still 2 more designs to come??

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Alex only eats Skittles, apparently. What if there were cheese flavored Skittles?

jesshanebury profile pic Alumni
showerclean said:

I have learned something new about alex. he does not like food.

I know! I mean, was there anything besides candy that was going to make him happy??

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