Opinions? (Please Be Kind, I'M A Newb)

by lusythread / artdesign /

opinions please... on the image NOT the political statement

I know that I shouldn't have it on both threadless and society6 but I couldn't seem to get any other link to work for the image so apologies... if people like it on threadless i will of course take it off society6.

enter image description here

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Wharton profile pic Alumni

Hmmm, not sure if Jesus was black, he definitely wasn't white, seeing as he was born in what is now modern Israel. 'Jesus was brown'? You can't expect people not to comment on that, sorry.

This image is a little small to give a whole lot of feedback onhave you got a bigger one? Did you draw it or was it live traced?


jesus wasn't white, but he also wasnt black. he was a middle eastern jew. anywayyyyyy

just wondering, what is your concept here? are you just trying to be controversial?


hah! i responded to your call after 2 seconds!

Morkki profile pic Alumni

The whole "Jesus was black" thing is kinda old and been done on shirts all over the interwebs a hundred times. I know that is not commenting on the artwork itself but I'm just saying that a good concept is at least as important (some say it's the most important thing) as the artwork for success.

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