Helppp With Placement :)

by amaara / artdesign /

so i subbed this a few days ago, without thinking out how it'd print so I want to resub but I need help because I dont know whats printable

I was thinking this since it only falls on the front (i erased the buttons, but then if its printing over then it'd be there still?) enter image description here

orrrr, I was thinking maybe do it as a pattern (a large one) so that the fabric itself would print with it? so it might be enter image description here or actually an even bigger print so maybe only like 2 globes (in pieces) would show on the front?

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thanks! I think i will resub as a pattern, but one thats much larger than the one pictured :)


thanks guys, *phew, will resub the second then :)

also, is there any way to delete something thats already up for voting?

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