Kid President Need Some Critique!!Ohh Boy

by bigmind / tipstricks /

hey guys!! my second entry here for the kid President challenge :)

enter image description here

also this is my first time using some halftone effects to give it the free hand drawing feel but wasn't that good :( i think there is nothing like using a tablet or something that use the free motion of the hand .

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Stefbros profile pic Alumni

I dislike kid president. But still I kinda like this design, so that's good. It's a hard challenge.

Your English is of, I think it should be: but what if there were (only) 2 paths in the world?

But I'm not a native speaker.


ohh shit!! i taught he said "but what if that were in world two paths" but after reading your comment i think he didn't!! am i wrong or something about what he said??

You r not a native speaker, me neither English is my third language but anyway if people don't like it, they will have to score it down :(, cause i don't think someone will wear a t-shirt with grammar faults on it, that's stupid hhhh!! anyway thanks for comment :)

Stefbros profile pic Alumni

I don't know what he said. But it just sounds really off. Maybe the kid president isn't that good in grammar too. :P


well i don't know, i just copied what he said and i love kid president!! :P


He says, "but what if there were two paths."


really!! i think he said the word "world" in his sentence ?? but not sure!! :(


i misheard him, he said :" but what if there were in world two paths " and my English is off.

should i send another corrected version or just leave it like that and correct the file source if they choose my design to be printed ??


I like the image but the text needs to be more integrated. The text needs to flow with the image. Try imagining the letters as "shapes" that are also part of the overall image.


thanks cutts, I agree with you, I was in a hurry when I was working on this one so i didn't put good efforts wile drawing it, that's why there is all these mistakes, but next time i will follow your advice :)


You don't have to worry about that stuff. This won't print.


hahahahahaha you are definitely right!

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