Meet The Two Sides Of René Gruijs, Designer Of The Winning Jekyll & Hyde Tee

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Congrats to René Gruijs aka Selfish Presley! He won the Jekyll and Hyde challenge for his design Two Sides and you can pick it up on a tee today! We sat down with René, over the internet and found out a little more about him and the other him.


Give us a rundown of yourself! Do you have two sides to your personality? My name is René Gruijs. I’m a 36 year old Dutch design director at an agency that specializes in packaging and branding but … at night after work I turn into Selfish Presley: a ruthless designer who doesn't need briefings to be creative and laughs at the face of danger and deadlines. So you could say I lead some kind of secret life after work. At work I'm quite serious and calm but I feel the need to compensate for my day job by working on personal projects at night. Is this a slight case of a split personality as a designer, even having two names?

Are you a Jekyll & Hyde Fan? Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is definitely one of my all time favorite novels. One of the items on my "creative bucket list" was getting a design printed at Threadless. Owning the shirts, (about 20 myself) is one thing but getting printed, Oh yeah!

Congrats on your first Threadless print! Have you found the Threadless community helpful at all in creating and critiquing your submissions? Whether it is on my way home from work or my first thought in the morning....I'm always trying to find a competitive Threadless idea in there somewhere. For this challenge I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do: Distill the Jekyll and Hyde story into an iconic graphic execution. I hope people will be intrigued by the image and feel it does justice to the great novel.

I find the Threadless community helpful in previous submissions I made. It's just very nice that you can get honest opinions from people who care about cool shirts. Also the technical advice Threadless supplies is great to help you on your way getting an idea printed.

Thanks René! Pick up a tee here.

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spacesick profile pic Alumni

very cool. never saw it!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Congrats to both of you :-)

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Congrats! Definitely a well deserved print, it looks amazing!

campkatie profile pic Alumni

Perfect design! Congratulations!



selfish presley
selfish presley profile pic Alumni

thank you all! feeling very proud


congrats!... great and awesome ;D


Congrats man! you really deserve it.:)

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