Threadless Artist Olly Moss Speaks At Offset 2012

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Olly Moss has 25 Threadless designs! He’s a great example of someone who’s artistic style “grew up” thanks to the comments and input of the Threadless community.

Check out his talk at Offset 2012, a creative festival in Dublin, about his past and current projects, his perspective on different types of art mediums, and his view on the value of a good concept. Congrats on your success, Olly!

Olly Moss - OFFSET2012 from OFFSET on Vimeo.

Check out his Threadless designs.


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Very cool presentation.
briancook profile pic Alumni
Watched this video a few days ago - awesome!
halfgotten profile pic Alumni
please make a new design in inspired others!
WanderingBert profile pic Alumni
Great stuff Olly. Really enjoyed hearing about some of the background behind those pieces.
halfgotten profile pic Alumni
congrats olly! i am excited for your next print!
awesome, olly! congrats!
Malhat06 profile pic Alumni
That was incredibly inspiring! and also very reassuring that even an artist as great as Olly Moss started out as a mere mortal haha Good to know even he gets its wrong sometimes. Brilliant video, watched every minute. Keep them coming Threadless! :)
I really love some of your stuff. If you made a new thread I'd love to contribute :)
THIS is why nothing inspires me like Threadless.
really good talk and introduced me to some other designers' work that I hadn't seen. Excellent stuff.
thankyou for this talk!
jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni
Olly has a new fan. And I will be depressed for a few days. But inspiring stuff!