Design A Snowboard And A T-Shirt To Wear While Riding It!

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Just as Threadless was founded by t-shirt wearin’ dudes who thought they could bring the world better tees, Nightmare Development was founded by guys who had already been riding and breaking boards for years. Their goal was to build the best frickin’ snowboards, manufacture them in the USA, and invite everyone and anyone to join the fun. And now the snowboard co-operative wants to put your art on their next board.

Your challenge is create a design for the top of a snowboard and a t-shirt to wear while riding it! Use the same design for both, or create two complementary designs. There are no restrictions or color limits for your snowboard design. The wilder, the crazier, and the gnarlier, the better! Plus, you can customize part of your board using the tips and tails in the sub kit, or you can design the shape of the tip and tail yourself. And if your design is chosen, we’ll fly you out to Summit City, Colorado this November to help build your own board from start to finish at Nightmare Headquarters.

The chosen snowboard will be sold by Nightmare Development, and we’ll sell the chosen t-shirt on

Check out the challenge page and get started!

Up for grabs: - Either $2,000 cash or a trip to the Nightmare Snowboard Cooperative in Summit City, Colorado this - November (round-trip flight and lodging up to $2,000). There, you’ll help build and be a part of a - Threadless video starring your snowboard. - Your Threadless + Nightmare snowboard - Your Threadless + Nightmare tee

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Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

No w see..this is my DREAM loves comp. I have alwasy wanted to design my own snowboard..and get to Colorado for some powder. But being on the top left bum cheek of the globe, $2k would probably only just get me there... But still amped to give this a shot. :) Yey Threadless, Yey Nightmare!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

p.s. LOVE the '4 legs good' board. That's so sick I love it.

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Awesome challenge!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

takes a day. dan's just prob shoveling through the millions of minecraft subs, im sure hell get to it today


what a challenge!

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

Love snowboading, love threadless, love this challenge. Really hope I can find the time but moving house :( (I was just the other day wondering when threadless were going to do a challenge for a skateboard or snowboard!!!).


When will the board be available?

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