Interview With Artist Skylar Hogan!

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Threadless Abmassador Tom interviews the talented Skylar Hogan aka thesleepingsky!

Hi Skylar, wecome to your interview! What's it like living in Nebraska?

Its pretty chill. Fortunately I live in the city of Omaha so its not just corn fields.

Could you tell everybody about your collaboration with your younger brother, Brock?

He was reading a comic book and one of the characters does the classic joke of putting a dot on a piece of paper saying "its a polar bear blinking in a blizzard". He thought it might be fun to put a dot on a shirt to tell the joke, which got the gears in my head spinning and I thought it would great to literally draw a polar blinking in a blizzard.

“It’s A Polar Bear Blinking In A Blizzard" is available as a tee!

What inspires you to make artwork?

I don't know, I'd say its naturally a part of who I am and so I just love to do it.

'Balloon Buddies' is a very light hearted and playful design, would you say that you are a happy and carefree person?

Yes, I would. I have cares don't get me wrong, but I probably take them in a more carefree way.

“Balloon Buddies" is available as a tee!

How do you normally make a design?

I draw a quick sketch of my idea (the idea usually comes at random). I bring the sketch into Photoshop, then I do a more refined digital sketch. After that I do the final line work and then color it.

Could you explain to people how 'The Cheshire' works and what special inks are used to print the design?

The body is printed with UV ink, so its only visible in direct sunlight. The eyes and teeth are printed with glow in the dark ink to give the effect of the Cheshire's face floating in the dark.

“The Cheshire" is available as a tee!

Most of your designs have a very calm feel to them, is this something that is deliberate?

No not really. For the most part I'm a calm quiet person, which naturally reflects in my art.

What makes you angry?

Selfish people make me angry. People that always put themselves first.

Which medium do you prefer to use?

Pen and a sketch book. Nothing too fancy.

How do you hope people feel when they see your designs?

Humored and relaxed.

What kind of drawings do you make when you're not making tee shirt designs?

I like drawing logos, characters and trees.

In your opinion, what makes a good tee shirt design?

Simplicity and adaptable to any clothing style.

If you won $10 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?

I'd buy a really nice camera and I would donate the money to a worthy cause like my bank account.

Finally, if you could be any fictional character for a day, who would it be?

Totoro. I'd be flying in the air on my spinning top all day long.

Thanks for taking part in the interview, you certainly live up to your chilled persona!

Interview by Ambassador Tom Bryce

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Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Good work, Tom. But you missed an opportunity to pry into possible relatives such as Hulk or Paul Hogan?


The Cheshire... Very cool :)


Succeeded with 'humored & relaxed' ... Would love to see (buy) that light-bulb-sky-gondola design on a young girl's nightie. Absolutely lovely in so many ways.


lovely, i love your design..


Succeeded with 'humored & relaxed' ... Would love to see (buy) that light-bulb-sky-gondola design on a young girl's nightie. Absolutely lovely in so many ways.


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T. E. Samad

This dude has a great future ahead of him. Keep up the creative work!


inspirational,,, wonderful ;)


Great work! Keep them coming.

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