Threadspotting: Street Art Edition

by KyleGeib / None /

The world of rogue street art can seem so fast-paced and short-lived sometimes. It feels as though before we have the chance to tell friends, “You should check out this awesome piece of street art at (insert intersection),” the installation or mural is whisked off the face of the earth, only to (hopefully) exist as photographic evidence. Because most street art straddles the border between artistic expression and vandalism, it’s not always met with the open arms of a community. But how would a community feel if there was street art out there with a constructive purpose, while still injecting a healthy dose of social commentary?

Street Artist XAM Her Hair by Federico Rodriguez Morice

Meet XAM, a street artist with a knack for architecture, functionality and birds. That’s right, birds. XAM has been diligently working on a rad project in which he constructs aesthetically beautiful birdhouses and hangs them on urban street signs in public places. The birdhouses are fully functional, in fact the dwellings are rigged with solar panels and LED “porch lights” to attract insects, a feeding unit, and adequate ventilation for those city-slicker birds.

Along with his birdhouse project, XAM also fabricates bird-shaped gliders. Check out this cool video of XAM doing his thing in Mexico, while rocking Her Hair by Federico Rodriguez Morice. COOL! via Elefgant’s Youtube page

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