Threadspotting: Comics Edition!

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Greetings, Threadudes and Threadettes!

We just can’t contain our excitement for our fourth volume of Comics-On Tees launching next week, so the theme of this week’s Threadspotting is... you guessed it... COMICS! This week’s sighting comes from the 2D world created by John Layman and Rob Guillory, the two brilliant men behind the infectiously graphic CHEW comic series.


Here's the character Olive Chu wearing The Madness of Mission 6 by Travis Pitts. Olive is the daughter of main character Tony Chu, an FDA agent with the psychic ability to pull information from the things (and people) he eats in order to solve crime. Believe it or not, Olive’s wardrobe is actually provided by Threadless! Flip open any issue of CHEW and you’ll find Olive wearing her favorite Threadless tees.

Also, your Xbox avatar can rock the same tee as Olive. Pick it up right here in the new Threadless section of the Avatar Marketplace!

Thanks Lisa for this unique and awesome sighting, and remember, if you spot a Threadless tee in the wild, send a note to, and we’ll talk about them here... and we’ll give you some Street Team Points to boot!

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Yay! So glad to see my sighting has been posted. Love Chew, it's a brilliant comic. This is an awesome collaboration. :)

Monkey X
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i keep forgetting about the Chew deal and then getting surprises when i spot Olive in threadless shirts.

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