Boys Like Girls Loves Threadless!

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October 15 is peeking round the corner and you know what that means... another awesome LOVES competition! Our pals and Boston's new sweethearts BOYS LIKE GIRLS just released their self-titled debut record and in celebration we're LOVING it up. The theme of this one is "Hero/Heroine" - the name of their first single, so clear your desktop of all of that junk and get to work! And if you get a chance, check em out on tour now with Lostprophets, soon with Spitalfield, and later with All American Rejects! YES!

Boys Like Girls LOVES Threadless, but Threadless certainly LOVES you. Yes oh yes we do.

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tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Oooh they've added an I Heart Threadless tee to the prize for this one


More like, boys who look like girls!


i never realized how many loves threadless competitions there are. . .


oh jesus christ alacyt. . .you're right.

the guy on the left. . .

the hair?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

heroine as in a female hero

heroin is the drug. Yes I am doing a sub for this ;)




hearing the title boys like girls automatically puts that blur song on a loop in my head...


Heroine, not heroin! Big difference.


They're playing a show here on Thursday!

I should give them some Threadless swag.


radio, I don't know if that's a good or bad thing...

i carnt spel

i don't like girls... i LOVE them:)


this has got to be one of most fun of possible submissions. can't wait to see what super-subs you all got.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I say mont mont (nedoow) is going to win with a remix of his boys boys boys sub.

d3d profile pic Alumni

their AIMs are public on their myspace. i might go ask them exactly how to win.
not really, but i bet someone does.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

the theme for this is fun as a band Im not sure what I think of em but I might manage something for this one


i love this band thats a great song too!

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