Threadspotting: Vlog Edition

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Ahoy, Threadlubbers!

Here at Threadless, we know just how exciting and awesome online communities can be. This week’s Threadspotting, therefore, will be dedicated to some awesome vloggers doing very special work with their vlog community– and they’ve been spotted doing so in Threadless gear! WOOT!

Brothers Hank and John Green are the minds behind the very funny, perfectly nerdy Vlogbrothers channel on Youtube, but their reputations don’t stop there. The community that they’ve built around these vlogs, lovingly called Nerd Fighters, have taken it upon themselves to “fight world suck,” as they put it. Through their vlogs, music (yes, music!) and online community, these guys have been helping raise money for various charities.

Both Gary and Leah have spotted Hank wearing some classic Threadless tees. Thanks guys, and thank you, Hank!

Hank Green Vlogbrothers 1

This Game Sucks by David Creighton-Pester

Hank Green Vlogbrothers 2

Pandamonium by Ross Zietz

Make sure to check out Project for Awesome, a project these guys created that asks Youtubers to upload videos promoting their favorite charities on one specific day with the hopes of flooding Youtube with enough videos to spread some awareness and raise some money! So cool!

Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!

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