Comics On Tees Vol 3: Making Friends Is Easy

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The third volume is here! Written by Jhonen Vasquez and brought to you by JR Goldberg, Becky Cloonan, Ethan Nicolle and Jhonen himself.

Issue 1: This was the first robot I built. It fought in the rodent uprising of 2095. You probably know that picture.

Issue 2: Second robot I built was a school bus. The lunch-money bandits hated me.

Issue 3: My fourth robot was built... to fight that terrible sea monster. (which was secretly my third robot)

Issue 4: Some people say I have too many robots As if such a thing was even possible.

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martiandriveindate on Oct 17, 2011time at 10:37:19Issue 2 is so good


Oh my god, I so need that second issue!


Awesome! I want the set


daamn! killer shirts set. still have an empty pocket to have this awesome set. ugggggggh!


This is the best set-of-4 so far!


Are there not going to be any more? I would really like to see more of this kind of thing...

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