Threadless Sponsors A Competition In The 2005 World Yo-Yo Contest In Orlando, Florida

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The 2005 World Yo-Yo Contest will be held during the last week of July. The hall will open on the evening of Wednesday July 27th and will close about 10pm on Saturday July 30th. There will be no events on the 31st. Once again, this event is one week and one day earlier than the traditional dates for this event.

The 2005 World Yo-Yo Contest will have a Sport, A, AA division. There will also be Off String, AAA and Counterweight (Freehand) divisions. competition, as well as being the host to the World Top Contest.

Check out the 2005 World Yo-Yo Contest here.

More specific information about the contest we're sponsoring here.

If you're in Orlando, go check it out and show your support for Threadless!

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yo yo's are so awsome. i love yo yo's i know a few tricks but not enough to be pro. maybe next year. or not.


id love to see ppl do crazy stuff with plastic on the end of string, i dont know why i just think its rad.


In my best Dave Chappel as Lil' Jon voice: " HWAT?!"


Yo-yo's rawk.


i remember using a fireball to do around the world and it missed my hand and knocked me in the teeth. i love yoyos.


ha, let's have a yoyo shirt contest.

tesko profile pic Alumni

Was I the first to submit a yo-yo shirt?(check it out, submitted it before all of this news) Can I claim the credit for this excellence?


that that story made my day

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