Note About "Loves Threadless" Competitions

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Hey everyone! We've been declining a lot of "Loves Threadless" submissions because we didn't think that they were about the theme of the contest. If you do get declined for this reason, please resubmit the design with an explanation describing exactly what your design has to do with the theme.

We've also changed our stance on some of the reasons we've been declining submissions. For example, the Eisley theme of "Room Noises" was meant by us to be taken somewhat literally. However, seeing as though it is the title of the album, we can now see that it should also be ok to submit designs inspired by songs on the album. Most commonly, "Marvelous Things."

So - we apologize that we've declined your submission and hope that you'll resubmit with an explanation describing your design's relation to the theme.

Hope that clears things up and puts a smile on some of your faces!

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Matt love your shirt. THink its great. You are so talented.


cshimala profile pic Staff

who's Matt?

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

That's what I was wondering.

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