Shout Out Louds Loves Threadless!!!!!

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Meet Shout Out Louds, your new favorite band. These five Swedish childhood friends came together four years ago to create some of the most upbeat, innocent indie pop songs ever recorded. This contest is to celebrate the long-awaited stateside release of Shout Out Louds’ international debut album Howl Howl, Gaff Gaff which is a collection of songs from all of their previous Scandinavian releases. Everything from plastic to vinyl.

Check out the video for the song "The Comeback" and get inspired! Prizes include an iPod Shuffle, backstage passes to a Shout Out Louds show, autographed gear, and, of course - CASH.

Learn more and watch the video...

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ahh! shout out louds are the shit! ive been obsessed since howl howl gaff gaff came out in may


I like this contest, because you can use lyrics/beat/mood as inspiration.

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It's music month on Threadless...

This one actually interests me. Maybe I'll design something up.


Hell yeah,the Shout Out Louds are great,I got myself the album in the US ´cause it wasn´t and still isn´t available here in Germany and I totally fell in love with "howl howl...".
Swedish bands are so good.
Great competition.


yay. shout out louds don't suck.
unlike the used.
maybe there will be some good submissions.
can't wait.


When are The Hives or The Hellacopters or Turbonegro or Caesars palace gonna love Threadless?

Ady bear

is this band got a uk release yet?


the used don't suck. you just can't compare them to shout out louds because they make completely different music.


there have been a lot of very creative entries for this contest. :o)
I'm happy with pretty much all of them. I can't wait to see which ones win!


Architecture in Helsinki Loves Threadless!

And I'm aware that they have no t-shirts at all at the moment. Someone contact them.


Oh yeah, I bought HHGG yesterday and it roxxorz my soxxorz.

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