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We've just made a couple of small updates to the product and submission pages. Now, when you click "Blog This" on the product page you are also given HTML code that you can easily use on your own website or on millions of other websites around the web. Use the code to link up the product with your StreetTeam link so you can start earning more points.

We've also added a "Blog This" function to the submission page that gives you some HTML code. The code lets you use our fancy submission banner graphics. The link also includes your StreetTeam info so if you refer someone that purchases a tee - you get points!

You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours - and we've made it easier for both of us to do so :)

For example - check out these pages: For a product: For a submission:


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Now how about that Private Messaging thingy?

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Very very cool. I have already started using these Fancy dancy little buggers over on myspace.


i dont get it :'(
okay, i'll go tinker some and see if i can figure it out. if not, back to the blog...


ok. don't get. anyone care to break this down for me. i feel stupid.

skaw profile pic Staff

It's simple, we're offering HTML code to use on your own website to link to ours. If you don't know what HTML code is you probably will never need to use it.

What part don't you get?


Oh, HEY! It sneaks a little street team link in there too! Better and better.

cshimala profile pic Staff

I don't get it


haha wow, sorry, i didn't understand where exactly these things are, because i did want to use them on myspace. i currently am using one off of your myspace. is that all this is?


Hey Blucow, got some good news for ya if ya know what I mean. I'll post about it a little later.


Right now I'd Private Message you something short and sweet along the lines of "HOLY CRAP YES!" if we had one.


bortwein profile pic Alumni

About the "For example -"

I guess this means Loch_Ness_Imposter has a real good chance at getting printed soon?


i was thinking the same thing as bortwein...

also, thanks for the help- posted 4 shirts on my myspace along with the large i love threadless one from your myspace. now let's hope i get some points.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

just a question:

When you use the code and add the 'fancy graphics' of a current or scored submission to a blog, and then someone clicks on that link do you get street team points if they then purchase some tee's later?

did that make sense?


If they click your link, then buy a tee while visiting the site yeah. But if they just decide to come back to the site a week later than no. But I don't know when the cutoff is between there.


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