Reprints, New Tees, And Size Updates!

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We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July! To celebreate we have four reprints and two new tees!




Also of note... we've started printing more XL and 2XL tees for guys and more Small and XL's for the ladies.

Girly XL's are currently only available for Bring It Back, Who Fcking Cares, MMM.. Oranges, and My Pet Human. More to come - we promise!

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Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Yay! Mmm...Oranges, and Odd But Cute!

I've been wanting these.


Awesome, will the 2 new ones be featured on the front page?


I have about $153 in my cart... in need to start elminating some...

travis76 profile pic Alumni

that sucks...guess i won't submit my 'bring back the handlebar' sketch i drew back in MAY...maybe i'll post it in my profile tomorrow...


153 dollars in one purchase?


_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

Awesome! I'm definitely buying Bring It Back. That makes 10 Threadless shirts, every one of them a different color (unless you count natural and white as the same color).


Threadless I hate you. I've been wanting Outbreak Girl FOREVER and now you reprint it AND My Pet Human on the same day when I only have enough for one?! You are cruel cruel people who obviously take pleasure in my suffering. Jerks.



cshimala profile pic Staff

no, more xl girly tees from now on


I've been wanting Od but Cute for the longest time, I'm even ok with cream!! Thanks Treadless! wink



way too many khaki-esque shirts.

and also im not a fan of denim shirts.

dont worry threadless ill give you my hard earned money soon!


Are there any shirts available in sizes: youth medium and youth large? those shirts are ideal when you're a gril and you're a size 6/7/8... Fruit of hte loom has them? I was wondering if Treadless prints on them...


will there be a reprint for 'odd but cute'... in red?

Ady bear

outbreak girl back in!!!!! at last!


i love threadless shirts but i have to face the reality that a girls small is too big. good on you for catering for more girls but please consider the the smaller girls as well.


Yeah, that's what I was saying... Small is too big! And too long too, so please consider making YOUTH MEDIUM and YOUTH LARGE shirts! They're perfect for the thinner and smaller girlss!!!!

travis76 profile pic Alumni

but then the skinny drugged-out scenester guys will be buying them up before you, and we'd have to hear about that.

it's cheaper for everyone if you just eat some more, or try to grow.


Odd But Cute reprinted!!! Thanks so much for this Threadless! Getting the e-mail confirmation this morning really made my day. My sis has been wanting that one too so we'll be putting our orders in tonight!! :)

P.S. It still looks great in white!

beanwart profile pic Alumni

you guys should make some girly t's in Xtra Small too...cause some people are little...


It's only recently that they started printing girl-shaped shirts at all. And they're cotton, so they'll shrink. How tiny are you?


Well, guys, I'm too small for them too, but remember that threadless shirts aren't really they typoe of shirts that should be tight. A little loose is ok :)


Oh, sweet Apollo's lyre! I fall upon my knees before Odd But Cute!

Thank you thank you thank you!


yes the girls shirts are really long!
but i should buy a small next time


It's only recently that they started printing girl-shaped shirts at all. And they're cotton, so they'll shrink. How tiny are you?

That's the whole problem.... I'm tall and skinny, so if the tees shrink, they'll get up under my breasts (okee guys not the way I want it)
So that's why Im asking for the YOuth shirts... Theyre long enough but not too long, they're small enough but no too small, they're perfect

The problem with girlies is indeed the material.. when you wash it it shrinks, and when it shrinks the whole fit get out of it...
So just give us the normal Fof theL shirts in Youth Medium and Youth Large!!

I know a lot of bands who do and sell them as girlies... they last much longer and are a real good fit!!


okay so is the xl girl tee a permanent fixture or is that shimala kid serious when he says no more?

if its the former, good. those L girl tees are not large. shit is damn near insulting. I wrote a blog entry about it on here a bit ago and lots of girls were in agreement.

if its the latter and you're going to stop selling xl girls before you even give the ish a chance to start selling...blah. don't make promises you can't keep.

cshimala profile pic Staff


XL Girly tees are here to stay.

I was reponding to pinkertons post where he was asking if more tees were coming out this week.

My post should've read as... Sorry, no other new tees this week. More XL girly tees from here on.

Sorry for the confusion.


craig, you need a very large raise.
like, now.
thank you for everything you do :D


glad to hear that there will be more Smalls for the ladies. I always find them sold out in a flash whenever there's a reprint of something I want.

Also, I've a small sized girl and can fit into a YM tee, but I find the girly S size the perfect size. I don't know if I'd want it any smaller than that, otherwise I'd have to be peeled out of the shirt (like the small sizes in A&F and Hollister, geezzz). They seem to be the perfect length and fit for me shrugs


Sorry to be the cause of that confusion...


Thank you for picking up more XL girls sizes! American Apparel is not the best about offering a full range of sizes, but I had found it frustrating that prior to this you hadn't offered even AA's available size range. I'll definitely buy a lot more shirts from here if I know they'll fit properly! (Boy cuts are frumpy, so I hate buying them for myself.)


"XL Girly tees are here to stay"

yay! thanks for clearing that up

happy happy times. I'm glad yall listen to your customers, thats good stuff.


sorry anyone knows whats the measurement for girl XL? i cant find it anywhere. Thanks


Why is outbreak girl in blue? What happened to the khaki... I was going to order it, but not in blue.


"It's only recently that they started printing girl-shaped shirts at all. And they're cotton, so they'll shrink. How tiny are you?"
i'm 4'11" it isn't a case of being too skinny, i'm just small all over. also, before you tell me to grow, i stopped growing five years ago :(

"Yeah, that's what I was saying... Small is too big! And too long too, so please consider making YOUTH MEDIUM and YOUTH LARGE shirts! They're perfect for the thinner and smaller girlss!!!!"
i have boobs so guys shirts are no good for me, they have to be really baggy or they gape at the back which is why i'd like to see xs shirts. threadless have a pretty big customer base now though, they should manage to sell both.


reprint ctrl+z!!!!!



I sympathize. I'm at the other end of the spectrum, and still having a similar problem. I have a girly figure and don't want guys sizes because they're too frumpy. I envy your position though, because it's possible to shrink or sew bigger shirts into smaller sizes, but that option is not available to bigger girls.


Will Threadless be adding XL girly shirt sizes to the list of options for reprint requests?


I wouldn't understand the logic of XS girly tees, I'm 5'2", 90lbs. The girly small fits me perfect. I wouldn't want it any smaller. I mean, how much smaller can they get? I don't like my shirts molded to me or anything.


the sizes dont matter on reprint requests, talentshow.


kypade, yes they do. Example: - the pulldown menu doesn't give me the option of selecting Girly XL.

And if you go to the stock chart, only the sizes that were part of the original print run are available to request as reprints. If they're carrying new t-shirt sizes, I'd like to be able to request reprints of designs I missed out on (because they weren't offered in my size) in my size.

Unless you're right and this is all some browser glitch that only affects Safari.


In my case, the girl mediums were kind of small for me. Woo for XL Girls shirts. :D

cshimala profile pic Staff

that's correct, sizes don't matter on reprint requests... we really need to fix that. All we see is the total requests.

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