Ferraby Lionheart &Amp; Epiphone Loves Threadless!

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Ferraby Lionheart might be a thin, young man with a straw hat who lives on a wide street with tall skinny palm trees that stretch up to the sky. And he might have written an amazing record featuring the oft-office-listened jam "Small Planet." And he might have some pull with the nice folks at Epiphone guitars... But if there's one thing that I know for absolutely certain...

Yes! I'm assuming you've headed over to the page to see the ridiculous grand prize that Ol' Mr. Lionheart and Epiphone will be granting the chosen submission to the tune of "Small Planet." Amazing, no? We've included the lyrics as well to help generate the creativity!! Get to it, friends, and just maybe your beautiful shirt design will be gracing your very own custom axe...

Ah yes, this planet's small enough for two...

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the design goes on the guitar?

Montro profile pic Alumni



oh sweet! Now if only I could draw... grumble

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

oh wow. too cool contest...

plastikaa profile pic Alumni

The songs amazing, now I need to get designing.


threadless staff! Thanks for putting the lyrics!! I thought nobody would respond to my blog about this some days ago. yay! :)


omg OMG!! This is the best Loves yet. I'm excited to be winning =D

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I might have to sell my guitar to fund... life, so winning this would be ideal.

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

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want to win this one!


whats up wiht all the "listen to the song" contests?

i am not creative or artistic enough to actually make a good design based on a song.

arzie13 profile pic Alumni

I'm really loving this music... like alot alot. Can't wait to see him live tonight.

jublin profile pic Alumni

there haven't been many loves comps lately.

is this perhaps the lull before the STORM. perfect storm i hope.

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