Thank You, Chicago!

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Well, maybe we should say - THANK YOU WORLD seeing how many of you guys came from around it to come to the Grand Opening of our first retail store in Chicago! Friday was a monumental day for all of us at Threadless. So many people worked so hard to see the Grand Opening of the store, it was amazing to breathe a collective sigh of relief that the day had finally come.

The day started out with opening the doors at 11:00am and letting in the droves of people waiting outside. The store was decorated with Threadless colored balloons, Threadless colored M&Ms, and the smiling faces of about 30 Threadless employees who all came over to see the store open.

Later on, it was over to the famous Chicago music venue The Metro to see not one but TWO shows to celebrate the store's Grand Opening. People started lining up for the show at around 1:30pm, which was totally amazing. By 5:00pm the line went down the block, rounded a corner, then went all the way down another block. The doors opened at 6:00pm, and everyone rushed in for the show to start at 6:30pm. The first show was absolutely amazing. Almost 1000 people filled The Metro to see Freer, Anathallo, and Hey Mercedes. Marcus Monroe was a really fun host - especially when he was juggling knives while riding a 6' unicycle. All the bands completely rocked it, and we forget how much of a rock star our own Bob Nanna is sometimes. It really was an amazing evening... and that wasn't even all of it!

Everyone filed out of The Metro around 10:00 to get back in line to re-enter for the late show to see The Assembly, White Hot Knife, and Office along with DJ Bald Eagle. By the end of The Assembly's set, there were almost 700 people back in The Metro! Amazing. All the bands for the late show were spectacular. The only way you didn't leave that night as fans of the bands you saw is if you weren't paying attention!

We want to sincerely thank every single person who came out to celebrate the Grand Opening with us. Thank you to everyone who helped us open our store: our amazing staff, Joel our architect and his team and Tony our contractor and his team. Thank you to Stacey, Rochelle, Arel and all the staff at The Metro for helping make both shows run flawlessly. Also, a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to the 42 members of The Black Rock who created this totally ridiculously amazing poster for us. Wow. Just, wow.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you all! We love all you guys! Hope to see you all again really soon!!!

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jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

The drawing is badass!

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

So how does next friday work for you guys?

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Im so happy with how the poster turned out, im glad you guys all dig it. I almost didnt even get in on it, but im happy I did, because it turned out better than I could have expected. I didn't even realize we were getting it printed this large.

Congratulations on a successful grand opening!


i wish... i wish... anyways...

the poster is amazing...

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Thanks to all of the Threadless employees, too, for putting up with a metric ton of insane bloggers and designers for an entire weekend. It was tough to keep the poster a secret for so long, but totally worth it to be able to give a little something back. Glad it was such a hit!


gah I hope to be there next time theres something, looks like so much fun!

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

No, thank YOU, Threadless!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

No Threadless... thank YOU.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

thank you threadless!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

haha @ brian and priscilla's comments

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

lolz @ julia rock and rolling all night and partying every day

skaw profile pic Staff

seeing that black rock poster in real life can entertain for hours. just to actually see everything takes some serious time and concentration. it's so incredible.

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

You guys should sell prints of it!


Thank YOU GUYS for putting this together. It was amazing. We drove 7 hours for it from our small towns, got lost in the giant city that is Chicago, and had the best weekend of our lives.. all thanks to threadless. We love you!


Wow ! what a celebration and that poster is so kickin'

renfrue profile pic Alumni

jean_warhol on Sep 17 '07 at 5:54pm
You guys should sell prints of it

and a little story about it including the artists involved,

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

thanks threadless! it was a blast!

Sean Robertson

Where the heck is it? All that text and not a single mention of the address? And when are you opening one in DC? ;-)

Sean Robertson

BTW, to the employee in the French Connection T-Shirt - did they actually let you get away with wearing that shirt to the opening? LOL

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Glad you liked the poster. I never realised it was gonna be so huge!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Sean Robertson on Sep 18 '07 at 7:41am
BTW, to the employee in the French Connection T-Shirt - did they actually let you get away with wearing that shirt to the opening? LOL

That's not staff. It's one of the BR guys.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Yeah, thanks Threadless. I could go on (but will thank most the team in my article) but it was such a blast. I got to buy alot of you guys drinks on friday (if I didn't then sorry you missed out).

Special thanks to Ross and Anna (and Ross's flat mates Kevin anf Nirage). With your kindness and generousity the weekend would have been alot harder work. I owe you big time (but feel I bought you enough drinks maybe??!!)

Great to see the hq and meet the team (especially Charlie, who man handled me outside the Metro) but thanks again for a great night.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

mmm threadless m&m's


awe, look how cute i look waiting in line!

THANKS THREADLESS. best show ever. plus i got tons of new awesome shirts.
ad those m&m's were NOT normal m&m's. they were magically chewy.

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

thanks you guys for another wonderful adventure

and thanks to all the staff for taking the time to all makeout with me


nono, thank YOU guys! so much fun.


kajshfjdsm, thats awesome.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

glad you liked the poster!

(too bad i didn't have the time and money to flo 'cross the atlantic to join you guys:)


I want that poster so bad


I want threadless in PT WA! Please come here.


Come to the UK!!!!




goin to chicago this weekend...gotta stop by & check out the retail crib!


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