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What were you doing in a whitecastle

har har.

Yeah it is pretty neat.


The only person I've ever seen with a Threadless tee on outside of my family or people I've given them to is the most annoying person in my school, she annoyingly pointed out that she was wearing it, which annoyingly happened to be the girls version of one of my favourites, meaning I can never wear it in school... which is annoying.

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my first and only local threadless sighting was downtown here. a friend and I were walking down the street and he saw a girl he knew, that I did not know, but she was wearing Communist Party and talking to some other lady friends. I said, "hey! threadless shirt" as we walked by and a little down the way we heard the girl say, "those guys are cool."
thanks, communist party lady!


the number of threadless shirts sold at aussie music festivals makes me angry, because then i can never tell if someones wearing a real threadless or just a fake one they picked up because they lost their shirt in the vines moshpit. Thus, all hope of a meaningful threadless moment with a stranger is lost :(


i meant to say the number of fake threadless shirts


I have only seen one besides the ones I gave away, and that was in Canberra. There is a few bloggers in Newie


oh emmy, I will be buying the camera next week and hope to send it on to you the week after

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i see threadless shirts frequently in my city, so i'm keeping tab


noobits- awesome, thats perfect actually because I'm going to be away for the next week or so anyway.


I see Threadless T's heaps in Canberra! Dunno what it is with the peeps in this town. Maybe there's nothing else to do cept sit on the net.

I'm only responding cos I saw the word Newcastle sigh


Daniel San, do you do stuff at the Loft? Me thinks I've seen some footage of you and Reichil...


ALISON!!!!are you slacking off at work?



where is this alleged footage?

and who is this daniel san guy everyone is posting too?eh?

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