Wooo It's Fast!

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Well, by now you should all be on the new server. And it should be lighting fast!

You'll notice there are a couple of other new things as well. First, the new navigation! We've made the nav a little easier to use and have livened it up a bit. We also changed it because we needed space for a few more sections. Mainly, a new section under Shop called "Designer Interviews"! Yep, we just launched a new section featuring in-depth interviews from winning Threadless designers. We'll be adding more and more over the next few weeks so keep your eyes on that! You can also now access the Blog Forum and StreetTeam pages from the Participate section.

So, where to begin? Start by reading some of the interviews: → S. Bradley AskewIlia OvechkinJason Byron Nelson

Thanks Tilted Planet!

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I already love the "SHOP/PARTICIPATE" area's changes. They make it a lot speedier and a lot easier to navigate.


So fast. So sexy.


the footer still says media temple. do i get free cookie?


Cheeky bgmccollum... (;P)

Looking good dudes.


PWN3T. now about that cookie

¥s profile pic Alumni

wrrooooooooooooooooooohhhmmm !!1 fast as hell

2 thumbs up boys!!


Wow yeah it's a lot better.

daven3 profile pic Alumni

so are you switching all of skinnycorp's hosting to Tilted then eh?


lately i have been finding it slower than usual.... odd...

skaw profile pic Staff

Yea, the sale is killing us! I think it's still been pretty quick but over the past 3 days there have been over 5 times the amount of people browsing Threadless than normal.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

maybe you should do sales more often. you cant be losing that much money by lowering the shirt cost by just a few dollars, since you are selling shirts alot quicker then when there isnt a sale.

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