A Flavorful Interview With The Mixed Media Winner, Florent Bodart!

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Congratulations to Florent Bodart aka speakerine on his Mixed Media design challenge win! Since it was Mixed Media, Kyle and I took a non-traditional route and wrote the questions in.... condiments! This included, soy sauce (who writes in soy sauce?), mustard, strawberry jam, ketchup, and honey! We hope you guys enjoy our tasty interview!

Hi! I'm a half French half Dutch graphic electro carpenter designer. I love beautiful things (and cats).

I was with my girlfriend when I learned of the win . We did a dance of joy ! I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe any time I receive a "You won!" mail, I have to read it twice.

The hardest part about doing my Mixed Media design was choosing elements that fit together. Arranging the tapes and records was hard too, I think I must have restarted 10 or 15 times before I was satisfied with the composition.

I began by selecting objects that went with the idea of "data" at home (old tapes, records, floppy disks...) and took photos of them. I collected pictures of data storages and browsed commons medias websites to add in my collection. I retouched them in Photoshop (and faked the trademarks), printed them in half size of their real scale.

I cut each piece separately, arranged them on a A2 white sheet (see picture attached) . When I was happy with the composition, I glued them, and then took a photo. I took the picture into Photoshop to erase the borders of the paper cuts and correct last details. Then I added this weird blue on small places. That was really fun to do !

Long live data storage and Threadless!

Thanks Florent! You can pick up Data, as well as other new swag in this week's catalog!

Congrats Billmund! You Won $10,000 For Designing The Next Big Tee!

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The Next Big Tee winner is here! Watch as we surprise Billmund with the big news that his design Internet scored him $10,000. Then, read about his process, plans for his winnings and his thoughts on internet cats.

Hi - How about a quick introduction? Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do for a living? My name is Billmund, I'm originally from Sydney, Australia, now based in Bristol, UK and I'm a freelance Illustrator represented by The Drawing Book Studios.

When you're not drawing, what do you enjoy doing? Reading comics, drinking.

Where does 'billmund' come from? It's a weird nickname from High School that I've unwisely allowed to endure throughout my professional life! A friend decided 'Bill' was too pedestrian and stuck 'mund' on the end because he enjoyed the name Edmund so much he felt all his friends should be munds.

How did you hear about Threadless? I have a feeling it may have been via the Faesthetic blog, I'd ordered Faesthetic 7 and 8 and then somehow stumbled onto Threadless and immediately jumped on board!

We saw how you reacted when you learned you won - do you have any special plans for the winnings? Haha yeah you guys got me good! The prize money will come in handy in a bunch of different ways, I'll blow a bunch of it on Xmas presents, comics for me and dog sledding with my girlfriend when we're in Iceland next week.

How did you go about deciding what the "next big tee" was? I've got a growing list of ideas that I plucked this from, just unordered notes a few words long, this one was basically "Voltron made of real cats" which I thought was stupid enough to be kinda funny. I really wanted to push the stupid factor so turned up the 80s effect with the mackintosh body and keyboard pants and big blonde mullet. After I'd sketched it out I realised this thing is basically the internet, and then I designed the logo and put him in space.

Can you share any process pictures/videos of your design, Internet? Yep, I've sent the pencils, inks, flats, and final colours via wetransfer (as you can see he originally had a unicorn head)

I love the old school Voltron look of this. Who would be the Internet Cat's version of Prince Lotor (archenemy)? That might be an entity called Señor Censorship, whom is basically made of millions of dark matter censorship bars (not necessarily Spanish).

Who is your favorite internet cat? Do you have any cats of your own? (Feel free to include any pictures) I don't actually own any cats but my favourite internet cat is probably Smoosh.

Thanks for chattin' with us Bill! Congrats on your win. Now, everybody go buy The Next Big Tee!

Score 100 Designs For 25% Off Your Next Order!

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It's no easy feat sifting through all those submissions, scrutinizing every design and appropriately scoring it 1-5. We want to reward you for helping us decide what we should print! For the next 24 hours, everyone that scores 100 designs will receive a 25% off discount code to apply to their next order*! That's right, EVERYONE!

It's just a little reminder that you're a huge part of what makes Threadless tick. We think you are pretty freakin' awesome!

Score 100 designs by 11:59pm CT 11/14 and look for an email Friday with your code.

*25% off code will exclude sale items and gift certificates. Codes are valid through 12/31/13.

Casandra Ng Is Our Hero With Her Winning Tegan & Sara Design!

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Hey Casandra! How about a quick introduction?
Hey guys! I’m Casandra from Malaysia, a 3D Artist and Animator during the day, a Tegan and Sara fangirl at night.

Out of 409 entries, I’m Not Your Hero not only won the hearts of the twin sister duo, but won the grand prize in the challenge! Was it a shock to your system?
It was indeed a shock to my system, totally knocked my heart right out of sync. Truthfully speaking, I still find this hard to believe. I’m very flattered to know that the twins whom I adore very much liked something that I did. I was actually notified about my win on the day after my birthday, best late birthday surprise ever! I have not celebrated yet, but I will once the design is up on the site.

What was your inspiration for your design? Can you share your process? Design was inspired by the track “I’m Not Your Hero” obviously. It was just a random sketch that I did not plan on using as a submission until I decided to go all out for this challenge because I really wanted to win so badly. Shared it on Tumblr and the response was overwhelming that I decided to submit the design and I’m glad I did! Here is the process:

Do you have any plans for your winnings?
For now, I’m just gonna get myself a vinyl player, still not sure what to do with the rest of the cash prize, probably save it for future use.

What’s it like to be able to design for Tegan and Sara on Threadless?
I’m really glad that they decided to launch this contest, it’s a great opportunity for the fans to showcase their talent. Plus, I’ve always preferred to convey my adoration for something in art form.

Are you a big Tegan and Sara fan? What about their music do you love? Have you ever seen them live?
YESSS I am! What I love about their music is that it has the ability to make you want to dance crazy one minute and the next minute you’ll find yourself lying on the floor in a fetal position, crying. Yes, I have seen them live in Singapore back in May this year, and I’ll be seeing them again in a few weeks time at the Urbanscapes festival here in Malaysia!! I’m super stoked and hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet the ladies in person.

If Tegan and Sara came to your house to hang out for the day, where would you take them and what would you guys do?
Maybe watch a movie, have a picnic at the park, listen to them banter about random things, visit the zoo and feed giraffes.

How awesome does it feel to know that you will be connecting thousands of Tegan and Sara fans together with your design?
It’s a dream come true, really. I’m so excited to see the shirt being worn by Tegan and Sara fans from all over the world!

Do you have a favorite track off their latest studio album, Heartthrob? Is there a favorite lyric by Tegan and Sara that resonates with you?
My favorite track from Heartthrob changes from time to time, but if I were to pick one now, I would say “I Couldn’t Be Your Friend.” It’s a catchy yet depressing track but never fails to put me in a good mood for some reason. Can my favorite lyric be from another album? “It’s a silly time to learn to swim when you start to drown” from My Number, a track from This Business of Art album.

When designing for a duo like Tegan and Sara, what did you hope to showcase in your work?
Definitely the style and the tiny little details that only fans would notice, something that screams, “I’m a huge fan!”

Any last words or shoutouts?
Massive thanks to Threadless and Tegan and Sara for making this year a memorable one for me! Also, thank you T&S fans on Tumblr, you guys have been really nice and supportive towards me, appreciate it loads high fives all of you and my family and friends.

You can purchase Casandra's winning design, I'm Not Your Hero, as well as the two other awesome runner-up Tegan and Sara designs in the catalog!

Keep An Eye Out For Our Newest Feature - Artist Dashboard!

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Artists with newly printed designs will notice that we’re using a new feature to gather everything needed to pay you, promote you and your work, and print your designs on products to be sold around the world - Artist Dashboard! Artist Dash will make it easier than ever to update your payment preferences and artist profile, and submit production ready artwork. We’re planning to use the dashboard for a ton of cool stuff soon, so stay tuned for updates!

Inside The Mind Of A Street Artist: Mr Prvrt

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We were fortunate enough to have New York Street Artist, MR. PRVRT do an amazing piece on one of our garage doors. The process video above was captured by Craig Shimala. Let's get to know him a little bit more!

(Photo: Craig Shimala)

How about a quick introduction?
I’m originally from Albany, NY; but I have called Rochester, NY home for about 8 years now. I work closely with several groups including Wall Therapy, Bushwick Collective, FUA Krew, and Sweet Meat Co.

What’s your process like?
While all of my smaller works are created using hand cut stencils, my larger scale works and murals are made using nothing except cans of spray paint and a reference image. When painting freehand, I strive to retain the aesthetic of my stenciled work by layering flat colors to create depth instead of using soft shading techniques. It was extremely gratifying to be able to fool the likes of Martha Cooper earlier this year when she saw one of my murals in progress, and was completely convinced it had been made using stencils.

How did you first get involved with doing street art?
I first started cutting stencils about 12 years ago back home in Albany, NY. My first real exposure to street art was through the work of Chris Stain and Brian Scout, who both lived in the area and had been collaborating on projects in one of our city’s most neglected neighborhoods. They were targeting abandoned houses and installing paintings over the boarded up surfaces. While I have done my fair share of writing on things that don't belong to me, most of my earlier work involved stickers, wheatpastes, screwing up paintings to telephone poles, etc. I was genuinely surprised that people started to notice my work, and even more so when I was asked to paint my first murals. Its really gratifying to know that even after leaving my home town, younger writers and artists still reach out once in a while to let me know that I helped inspire them to get started on the streets, the same way Stain & Scout helped inspire me. Being able to invite Chris Stain to Rochester this year for Wall Therapy was equally rewarding, and in turn, he facilitated my entry in Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn, NY. The longer I do this, the more I’ve come to realize that street artists, as a community, are one huge family that stretches to every continent.

What was your inspiration for the piece you did on our garage door?
For a while, all of my mural work involved portraits of wildlife, until a fellow writer named Biles told me he didn't want me painting “hipster animals” on graff production walls. Ever since then I like to bring out some wicked shit every once in a while!!
What do you hope for people to take away from your art?
I rarely try and attach any sort of deep meaning to my work - if anything I hope it makes people realize that our entire world is a blank canvas. Its amazing how much love people show for you when they see that you are doing something that makes their neighborhood look a little nicer.

How would you describe the difficulty of using a spray can versus a pencil on paper?
Free hand work with spray cans is all about muscle memory. As cheesy as it sounds, its like you are dancing with the wall, its a lot about moving smoothly and with confidence. The larger the wall, the harder the actual drawing becomes. I’ve never projected a freehand piece, so there is usually a period of time when everything looks pretty terrible, before I step way back and start to adjust the proportions. Most of my sketching on walls is done using transparent black or white spray paint, which I find is actually quite similar to drawing with pencils.

Do you think street art needs more appreciation?
Over the past decade the internet really did a lot to make people aware of the fact that there are people doing this in every city and every country. I think street art is most appreciated by the people who will see it from their window every day, or pass by it on their way home. There will always be someone who hates it or finds something to be offended by.

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve done?
My favorite piece so far was the Anatomical Cow I did for Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn. I really tried to push what I was capable of, and it was an exciting challenge to take on so much detail and deal with so many bright colors. The general goal is to make each next piece the best one ever, and repeat.

What’s the biggest challenge or weirdest encounter you’ve had?
I was painting with a friend in Rochester’s abandoned subway tunnels (yes we have those), a homeless guy stole a can of my paint and used a lighter to make a blowtorch, he proceeded to start lighting anything he could find that was flammable. Things started getting pretty intense, so we actually ended up calling the fire department. Just a couple of vandals helping to do our civic duty!

Do you have a formal art education? Do you have a day job?
I dropped out of school in the middle of my bachelor’s program. I had been taking a lot of printmaking classes at the time, and actually first started using stencils as cheap means of simple printmaking, versus a lot of processes that require a massive press to print. I’m currently lucky enough to say that I do not work a day job anymore. It’s definitely a hustle, and I’m always chasing the next project down the line. I’m always accepting commissions for murals and canvas pieces, and I’ve done a fair amount of print releases as well. It’s never a steady paycheck, but it’s amazing, the idea of actually owning your time.
What would be your advice to young artists trying to find their groove?
First and foremost, I do this because I love it. I’m not getting rich off of this, that's for sure. I do plenty of pro bono walls, and I think that's important, because this isn't just a job, it’s a passion. Also, if you want to learn how to spray paint, please do it on plywood in your backyard, not on top of any real street art or graffiti.

What are some of the trends you’ve found in other cities?
Each city is different, but what remains consistent are the people. I’ve painted in some terrible areas, but most people immediately accept you when they see that you are going to make their neighborhood look a little better.

Have you ever considered submitting to Threadless?
I guess sometimes I neglect to realize that people might actually like the work I’m doing!! Maybe your followers can look forward to a future collaboration!

Any last words or shout outs?
Big thanks go to Dr. Ian Wilson for always having confidence in me. Much love to my friends and collaborators in Rochester at 1975 Gallery and The Yards. Lastly, if you’re in Chicago, make sure to check out my show “SPLATTERHOUSE” at Chicago Truborn, located on W. Division St, the show runs through Nov 13th!

Threadless Loves Cookie Loves Milk!

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Cookie Loves Milk by Jess Fink was originally submitted on September 23, 2005. Since then, it's been printed approximately 5.4 zillion times and recreated in many forms! Starting today, it's available on something brand new: a crewneck sweatshirt. In celebration of the lasting unity between cookie and milk, let's take a little walk down memory lane.

The design was originally printed on girly and guys tees.


Then little kids got in on the game.


Pretty soon, the whole world was sporting it.


Then people actually became the design.


We accidentally created the world's strangest still life.


Fans showed their appreciation in creative...


...and edible ways.


Some more permanent than others.


This summer, the bond between cookie and milk became interactive.


And starting today, you can warm your heart (and your general chestal region) with the knowledge all these years later, Cookie still loves the heck out of milk.


Here's a 2% cheers to Jess Fink for all the milk-mustachey smiles.


Teetorials: How To Direct A Short Film!

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Teetorials are tips and tricks for adding those special touches to your designs plus other insights about creativity and makin' cool stuff. Check out Threadless' Head of Creative Sean Dorgan's teetorial about directing a short film.


My friends use to make movies a lot when we were young. We made skateboarding videos by editing between 2 VHS machines. We shot Ninja-Comedies in a Kmart parking lot. Some of those same people are even currently working on the very first feature-length instagram movie.


Get lots of talented friends to donate their time. This is the trickiest part! Having a really fun idea definitely helps here. For this shoot we were lucky enough to have 2 graduates of the Tom Savini makeup school creating our zombies. Our friends Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard and Chelsie Jangord who played the main roles are also born talents as evidenced here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y25cUtVsY4w Make sure to incorporate a pool party scene, or a dance party, and never forget to have ample amounts of free pizza on hand. Beer helps too (drink responsibly)



Come up with a story or….. borrow one! For this zombie-laden short film I drew inspiration from the 1985 classic Return Of The Living Dead. The movie opens in a medical supply warehouse where a canister with a zombie in it is punctured and toxic gas is released. You want to write your own stuff of course as we did, but there's nothing wrong with the occasional homage! After you have a great plot, you need to give each character a specific motivation, write their dialogue, and create a storyboard or at least a rough shot-list for the cameramen.



Get equipment. Get a crew. You're going to need some sort of camera that can record video, and some kind of microphone if you plan on including dialogue in your story. Know someone with an iPhone? There you go! Audio is a little trickier but be crafty. Maybe you have a friend in a band with a vocal microphone. Duct-tape it to a mop-handle with a nice long cord and plug it into a laptop with a freeware audio-recording program. Hand your new DIY boom mic to your sound engineer and hit record.


Create Roles This was especially important for our film since we had so many extras. The makeup people needed to know who would be a principle zombie, and who was a background actor. The latter received less time in makeup in order to stay on schedule. It also helps you organize people if you can categorize them and communicate via their designated categories: "zombie dancers", "zombie workers" etc.


Free up your schedule! The Nightshift took us well over 50 hours to plan, shoot, and edit. We worked 9-5 and then started filming after that until 3am for three consecutive nights! Craig edited the video for another 3 days, and Collin and I each wrote music/sfx as well. It was definitely a time-intensive project.

image This is Craig's edit timeline from the project

Make Stuff This only adds to the fun, and saves you money. I constructed a fog-chiller for our short film, and produced 2 songs and lots of sound effects in Ableton.

Have Fun- This is the most important thing. At some point during the process you might ask yourself "What have I gotten myself into?" Don't fret, this is a normal reaction to the overwhelming film-making process. I threw my back out, the pizza guy got lost, our dancers got tired and started to leave, and various other trials and tribulations occurred. Be strong, you'll smile at the end of the week when its all over and you've got a sweet short film and lots of memories!

Here's our finished project if you didn't catch it during the sale a few weeks ago.

Lisa Frankenstein Is So '90s!

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Hey guys! I’m Jen! I'm a photographer here at Threadless, collector of all things vintage and weird, and I was part of the team that won the 90s challenge with Lisa Frankenstein! I worked with the very talented artists Dan Elijah G. Fajardo & Jerry Maninang on this one. I interviewed Dan & Jerry about our collaboration and then we talk 90s favorites.


Tell us who you are, where you're from and a little about yourself!

Dan: Hello! Mabuhay! I am Dan Elijah G. Fajardo, Graphic Artist / Illustrator based in Manila, Philippines.

Jerry: My name is Jerry Maninang a.k.a Dzeri29, a freelance graphic artist & a father of two cute children. I started designing T-shirts way back in 2002, My everyday life is simple, drinking coffee every morning, read all my emails and then start my work, that’s it!

Do you prefer collaborating or working alone? Why?
Dan: I really like to work with some amazing artists around the world and start a friendship with them :D

Jerry: I prefer collaborating with someone, because combining two ideas & style creates a unique & one of a kind design.

We mostly talked through JeffreyG and e-mail, what do you think is the best way to communicate with collab partners?
Dan: I usually email them or leave a message on Facebook :D I don't usually used Skype or other voice chat because my English is terrible! Lol

Jerry: Maybe by talking to each other & sharing ideas.


How did this particular collab process work?
Dan: It started when Dzeri29 and I submitted our "Lisa Frank" inspired design for the 90s challenge and suddenly Jeff message me on Facebook that Ms. Jen has a clever idea, so she approached me about "Lisa Frankenstein" and I really like it! :D Then I told her that I want to add Dzeri29 on our collab! Dzeri29 did the awesome line works and I did the colors! :D

Jerry: I think it start with Dan & your idea, then Dan approach me regarding this collaboration to re-sketch your idea and ink it, then Dan colored & finished it.

What was it like to work with me? Was I nice? I thought you were nice.
Dan: I'm so glad that you choose me on this collab it was fun working with you Ma'am! :D

Jerry: To work with you is such so nice, I love your sketch when Dan show it to me. :D

Why do you submit to theme challenges as opposed to just submitting in the regular challenge?
Dan: I enter theme challenges because it pushes me to be more creative.

Jerry: I think the design totally suit for this challenge specially the concept- Lisa Frank inspired, so 90’s.



best 90s show:
DAN: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
JERRY: X-files
JEN: Late Night with Conan O’brien or Kids in the Hall
worst 90s show:
DAN: Mortal Kombat?
JEN: Dawson’s Creek
best 90s cartoon:
DAN: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
JERRY: X-Men, & Ren & Stimpy
JEN: Ok I have a lot: X-men, Batman the Animated Series, and Daria
best 90s theme song: DAN: I'll be there for you by The Rembrandts
JERRY: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme
JEN: X-men theme
your best story from the 90s:
DAN: When I won my first ever drawing contest.
JEN: When I was in middle school, I was still in Girl Scouts. Not because I was interested in Girl Scout things, but because every Friday we used to dress up as the Spice Girls and sing and dance our hearts out. Needless to say...we were not the popular girls at school. One Friday night, we were at one the girls house and had a big dance number set up for some of the moms. We stood in the garage, backs to the door closed, and dramatically let the door open. The music started and we spun around. The first thing we heard were giggles from next door. Just so happened that some high school boys lived next door and in their pool with them was one of the most popular girls in our grade. We never danced to the Spice Girls again. That, or the time I was on the news and publicly declared that I don’t like boys. Wait, did you say best or most embarrassing?
best 90s music video:
DAN: I have three all time favorite 90s videos
Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden (weird video)
Buddy Holly by Weezer
Everlong by Foo Fighters
JERRY: Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
JEN: I was really into pop music in the 90s so probably Spice Girls “Say You’ll be There” or Blink 182 “What’s my Age Again”

Here's us in the 90s!

image Dan showing off his art.

image Jerry in high school.

image Jen as Posh Spice!

Post a pic of yourself from the '90s then pick up a tee now!

Behind The Scenes On Danilo Cintra's First Print, Liberty Soul!

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Hi Danilo! How about a quick introduction?
I work as a graphic designer and when I am not working I usually go out with my wife, friends and family and drink a lot of beers. I like very much to travel, as well (beach, country, etc)...I was born to live in the nature...ha ha ha!!!

Congratulations on your first print, Liberty Soul! How did you celebrate your win?
Thank you again! I celebrated with my wife and my friends and we went out to drink in a bar. Can you believe that my brother-in-law got drunk and got naked in the the bar?? It was crazy, dude!

Do you have any plans with your winnings?
My plans are to pay my bills and to get better with my drawings.

What inspired this design? Do you have any ties to the Native American culture and community? For this specific drawing, I wanted to show a little bit of Brazilian culture and the Native Americans - one of the most important things of our history.

Did you draw any inspiration from your home country, Brazil?
Not only things related to my country - I like to draw everything that inspire me (music, nature, people, etc).

Have you ever spotted any Threadless shirts in Brazil?
Yes, I have!

What do you hope people take away from this design?
Something about Brazilian culture and the natives around the country.

What's your favorite type of environment to work in?
Listening to a good music (reggae!) in a quiet place.

Can we expect more submissions from you in the future?
Yes, sure! Pretty soon!

Any last words or shout outs?
I am very happy to join to the Threadless family - that really inspired me to continue with my drawings and thanks for the opportunity!

Thanks Danilo! You can pick up Liberty Soul and a bunch of other fresh new designs today!

Zombify Yourself For Threadless Cash!

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The Threadless zombies took a big chomp out out of the prices. Everything is 30% off! Maybe those zombies have a heart! A decaying, slimy, peeling heart.

As a tribute to the price-cuttin' warehouse walkers, we want you to zombie yourself up in your favorite Threadless tee!

It doesn't matter how you do it: make-up, funky lighting or a zombie yourself app. Just post a picture of your zombiefied self in a Threadless tee with #spooky30 and our 3 favorites will win a $30 Threadless gift code.

Post to Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr by Oct. 24 and don't forget to pick up Threadless stuff at 30% off before the sale ends!

NOTE: Only the prices have been chomped. Your tees, hoodies and totes will arrive in tact.

Get To Know Matthew Jocelyn, Creator Of Wolf Waffles!

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Hey dudes, Jillian here! I stumbled onto Matthew’s Wolf Waffles blog through the Tumblr Radar a while back and was instantly hooked. Look at them! They run! They jump! They ride horses and I love them! Through a little bit of magic and a self-awarded Masters in Lurking, I was able to track Matthew down and ask him some questions. Check out his answers, get to know him a little bit, and keep an eye out for his first ever Threadless submission!


Hey, Matthew. Tell us about yourself. Well, I'm originally from California but I've been living in Brooklyn for the past 5 years. I work at a digital agency as a production designer and I'm the weirdo that makes the stuff on WolfWaffles.com.

enter image description here

How did these animations come to be? What inspired them? I'd been trying to turn my characters into a comic book or a cartoon, but it turns out that stuff is hard! Then one day I fell into a Tumblr hole. After a few hours of staring at GIFs I thought, "Hey, I'll make one of those thingies."

Do you consider yourself an "artist"? No way! I think of myself as someone who knows Photoshop and has internet access. Sometimes right after I post a new GIF I think, "Well, I've done my part to make the internet more bottomless." Which, now that I think of it, seems like some weird kind of performance art. Maybe I'll change my answer to yes?

enter image description here

Is this your "art" or do you make other "art" too? I think the stuff I make is pretty much like a good fart joke. It takes a tiny bit of skill and creativity but in the grand scheme of things it probably wouldn't be considered art. Plus, I don't know if MOMA would ever show a GIF of a puking cyclops…

Do you have any favorite artists, makers, or doers? Oh that's hard question… I want to say OutKast but I also want to say Bill Murray. There's also this homeless guy I see on the subway that plays Rolling Stones songs on a banjo. He seems pretty cool.

enter image description here

What do you do when you're not making funny little animations? Well, Grand Theft Auto V just came out so that's gonna be my life now.

If the creatures in your GIFs could talk, what would they say? They would probably jump out from behind a dumpster and say, "Gimme all your money and maple syrup." Then they would give you a hug, whisper an insult in your ear and scamper off into the night.

enter image description here

What is a question that you always wished someone would ask you so you could answer it? What's the answer to that question? Q: Would you like some ice cream? A: Yes, please.

Any parting words? Nope! This was fun. Thank you!

Don’t forget to follow Wolf Waffles on Tumblr and Matthew right here on Threadless!

Win Snapple For A Month! Score Real Facts Designs.

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Tennessee banned the use of a lasso to catch fish, wild camels once roamed the Arizona desert and 10 of you are about to win Snapple for a month!

Threadless designers have taken some of the weirdest facts out there and created designs about them! Score 50 of the submissions by Oct. 25 and 10 folks will win Snapple for a month. (Threadfriends outside the US will receive a $50 Threadless gift code.)

Start scorin' now or we might graffiti your cow.

Teetorials: Digitizing Mixed Media

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Teetorials are tips and tricks for adding those special touches to your designs. They're brought to you by our very own Threadless staffers. Since we're currently running a mixed media challenge, Jen and Jillian created a tutorial about bringing real world objects into your computer.

1.) Come up with an idea. This idea developed pretty organically for us but it may be more calculated for you. Protip: have a drawer full of toys and dig through it.

2.) Set it up. Again, this will vary by situation and what you’re making (maybe you’re scanning something rather than photographing it) but since we’re photographing this one, we want it to look as realistic as possible and reduce the amount of editing later.


3.) Photograph it! You have to get the image on the computer somehow, right? If you’re doing something flat, maybe scan it. If you can think of another way to get your work into the computer without either of these methods, please post it in the comments and collect your Nobel Prize in Holy Shit How Did You Do That.


4.) Edit your image. The idea here is to get the background as white as possible so you can either cut it out and place it on a colored shirt template, or have it sit nicely on a white tee. That’s what we’re doing.

Here, Jen breaks down her steps for quickly cleaning up the image.

Mixed Media from Threadless.com on Vimeo.

If you have a fancy camera, take photos in the RAW format.

The RAW format will open in photoshop with the option to change the temperature/exposure/contrast, etc. In this window, click the white balance eyedropper and click in the whitest part of the screen, click OPEN IMAGE.

If you don’t have a fancy camera, just take a photo with any camera that you have and open it in Photoshop. We promise, you DON'T need a fancy camera to do this.

Open a curves level, click the white eyedropper and click in the white background, this is an easy way to create a pure white background and keep the natural shadow.

Combine the curves layer and your image and click the brush tool. Color it in white around your image and shadows using a soft brush tool.

5.) Mix your media. Draw on top of your image, photoshop other stuff in, scan in a painting you made and throw that in there. Whatever your idea is, make it happen and mix it up. Our idea involves digitally drawing on top of the photo: image

6.) Mock it up on a tee, submit it, and wait ever so patiently for Jeffrey G to approve it.


Plug Into Jessica Roush's Life And Her Winning Npr Design!

by jeffreyg / None /

Hi Jessica! How about a quick introduction?
Hello! I grew up in North Carolina and went to NC State for a double major in Textile Technology and Art & Design. Now, I'm a textile artist at Kohl's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I do hand-painted and vector art for all sorts of home product - table linens, dinnerware, bedding, bath stuff, decor, etc. I also like to do some illustration at home too.

Congratulations on your winning design, NPR: Plugged In! What was it like to receive the notification that you won?
Thanks!! A few excited expletives may have escaped my mouth. And I was at work at the time, so I drew a little crowd around my cubicle when I started yelling. It was a wonderful surprise. I still half-thought it was some sort of elaborate hoax until I got the prize box in the mail a few days ago.

I see you're a textile designer by trade, was making this design outside of your comfort zone?
Yeah, I'd say so - I've done quite a bit more illustration-y stuff in the last few years after college, but I'd say I'm more of a Jack-of-all-trades (and master of hopefully a couple, at least?). I really didn't do any sort of illustration in school. I did strictly textile application (weaving, knitting, jacquard) and fine art (painting, classical drawing, installation, etc etc) so getting into something fresh and new to me has been a blast.

Could you tell us more about how your design came about? What about NPR influenced your design? Can you share any process photos with us?
This one was a challenge. Not only is it about SOUND, which isn't easily expressed visually, but also about NPR, which has a scope so broad that it would be impossible to illustrate all of the topics that it covers. I decided to illustrate instead its effect on me, in that I get lost in thought and imagination and wonder when I listen. I'm absorbed by the current events stories, and feel closer to the world around me. I tried to include country, suburban, and cityscapes (along with a little capitol building!), and the NPR colors (red, black and blue).

What's your favorite medium to work in?
Watercolors. I love how unexpected and dramatic it is when I add pigment to the wet paper - like magic! I kind of "grew up" with acrylics and oil colors, which is predictable, but watercolor makes me think ahead, work fast, and also go with the flow (pun intended).

When did you first start listening to NPR?
I really can't remember! Ever since I was a little kid, my parents have listened to NPR in the car, so I did too. We would listen to it on the way back from my grandparents house, and now I listen on the way back from work.

As part of your grand prize, you’re getting a private tour of NPR HQ. First, who are you taking with you? Second, is there anyone you’re especially hoping to run into during your visit?
My dad and my boyfriend both really want to go. Maybe I'll make them compete by arm wrestling or rock-paper-scissors or something. When we (whoever we ends up being) get there, I would love to see Steve Inskeep, Renee Montagne, or Bob Boilen. A girl can dream.

Do you have any favorite NPR shows?
Not having cable and being slightly addicted to Netflix can be a nuisance when you try to keep up with current events. I most often listen to NPR on the way to and from work for news, but I also like to catch This America Life, Car Talk, Tiny Desk Concerts, and RadioLab.

Shout out time! Want to show some love for your #1 NPR station?
Since I grew up in North Carolina, my first NPR love was the Raleigh, NC station - WUNC 91.5 - but I also love the Milwaukee station, WUWM 89.7.

Given your design, are headphones your favorite way to listen?
At work they definitely are. Sometimes that's the only way I can get work done, with an open cubicle and lots of foot traffic. I have the over-the-ear headphones, and I can just tune out everything and get stuff done.

What's it like to be able to design for an organization like NPR on Threadless?
I LOVED IT. I don't think I would ever have had a chance to design for them otherwise, so Threadless gave me the perfect opportunity. Getting a design on Threadless was awesome enough, then add NPR on top of it.... I seriously lucked out.

Are you currently working on any new projects?
I'm working on some typographic illustrations for a daily calendar coming out in 2014, called "Today is Going to be a Great Day". Super stoked about that opportunity. And, I'm working on a fun illustrated spanish language chart. No real reason, just because I miss having to speak in Spanish everyday (I studied in Spain for a little while in 2010).

Can we expect more submissions from you in the future?
YES. It's on.

Any last words or shout outs?
Thanks to Threadless and NPR - You've made my year!

Check out more of Jessica's stuff on her sites:

You can pick up Jessica's winning design, NPR: Plugged In today!

Support Schools By Picking Up A New Tee!

by jesshanebury / None /


The ABC's of Literature by Bo Knoblauch is the winning design from the Teachers challenge!

Not only will 100% of proceeds from the shirt's sales go to DonorsChoose.org, but with each shirt purchased, you'll receive a $20 DonorsChoose.org gift card, which allows you to select a classroom and directly put money into their program. Pretty neat, right? (We also tried to get them to change "teachers” to "teechers" but hey, ya can't win 'em all.)


DonorsChoose.org makes it easy to help classrooms in need. On the site, public school teachers across America create classroom project requests from crayons for kindergartners, to an art museum field trip, to seeds for starting a garden. Then, you can give to the project which most inspires you. When a project reaches its funding goal, we ship the materials to the school. Best of all, you get photos and 'thank yous' from the classroom you chose to help. Over the last few years, teachers at half of all public schools in America have used DonorsChoose.org. More than a million people have supported 320,000 projects reaching 6 million students from low-income communities.

This is Bo's first Threadless print which is pretty appropriate because he already supports education in other ways. In his blog, Bo answers questions from high school students trying to find out more about art, design and art education. Way to go, Bo!

Pick up a tee today to support education and add a pretty neat design to your collection!

Threadless Designers Get Spooky! See What They Have To Say!

by jeffreyg / None /

HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST UPON US! We wanted to ask the horror masterminds on Threadless a couple of spooky questions! Feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments below!

Breaaad! by Phil Tseng
Would you rather be trapped in a box full of spiders, snakes, or rats and explain why?
I'd rather not be trapped with any of them! But if I had to, I think rats might not be as bad as the other two. I'm not a big fan of spiders--they can crawl in my ears or up my nose and hatch baby spiders in my brain! Snakes can be poisonous and they can slither up my shorts! Rats aren't any better, unless they're the rats from the movie "Ratatouille". In conclusion, I would rather be trapped in a box full of rats from the movie "Ratatouille" so they can make me dinner.

Halloween Slice of Life by Aaron Jay
If you died in a horror movie, how do you think it would happen?
I would be the guy saying, "No you go! I'll hold them off!" Things would get messy and the screen would fade out. However at the end of the film when all seems lost I burst back in and save the day, everyone asks me how I survived, I turn and look into the distance and say, "Because I bought this cool shirt from Randyotter."

The Horde by Aled Lewis
What weapon(s) would you have during a zombie apocalypse to survive?
My primary weapon would be a fully automatic shotgun for use when I'm in a fix. My sidearm would be a 9mm pistol with suppressor for stealth and precision. My melee weapon would be a machete as a last line of defense when the ammo runs out. I'll be fine.

Zombie at Tiffany's by Marion Cromb
What's the scariest nightmare you've ever had?
Being chased by Cruella De Vil through an 8-bit 101 Dalmatians platform video game. This was when I was about 6!

Oh The Horror! by Mat Pringle
If you were a horror villain, what would be your weapon of choice?
In terms of aesthetics and efficiency you can't go wrong with a straight razor but seeing as I'm an artist I think I'd have to opt for a sharpened pencil (3B) in the eye and perhaps an additional pencil (say non photo blue) in the other eye if I'm feeling particularly grumpy.

Zombie Walnut by Laurenz Loehr
What scares you the most?
Roosters. They're just unpredictable. Never trust them.

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
I wouldn't, so I'm making sure to enjoy the time I have before the inevitable Z-Day ahead of us when we'll all be worm food.

Parazombies by Florent Bodart
If you could live through a horror movie, which one would you choose?
Braindead. I would need a good lawnmower of course. And a lot of tranquillizers!

Death Rides in the Night by Nicholas Roberts
If you starred in a horror movie, what would it be called?
It would be a monster horror flick called "Eat your heart out." In the movie, a cute/fuzzy monster causes victim's hearts to explode to the perfect grilled temperature for it's consumption.

Happiness is Fleeting by Kerry Callen
Would you rather be bit by a vampire, werewolf, or zombie - and why?
Bites from a werewolf or zombie would probably involve a lot of ripping and tearing of my tender flesh, while a vampire would just make two little holes. I'm going to have to go with a vampire bite. (Yes, I'd later be a vampire too, but they can fly! That sounds fun.)

Feel free to share your answers below in the comments!

Check Out Alex Solis’ Creepy Monster Illustrations For All Of October!

by KyleGeib / None /

October is in full swing, and just about everyone has Halloween on their braaaaaaaaains. That’s why, over here at Threadless HQ, Threadstaffer Alex Solis has taken on the perfect art project to put you in the spooky spirit. For the entire month of October, Alex will be (beautifully) illustrating some of your favorite creepy creatures. Check out some of his illustrations from earlier this month:





We sat down with Alex to ask him a few questions about how he prepares for All Hallows’ Eve:

What are some of your favorite horror movies?

I grew up watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. Not sure why, but my mom would let me watch those movies and I was only like 6 years old, haha!

Do you have any yearly traditions for Halloween?

My daughter and I like to make our own Halloween decorations, and we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What is your favorite classic horror movie monster and why?

I love Frankenstein. My favorite part is when he throws the girl into the lake.


What was your favorite Halloween costume and what are you going as this year?

My favorite was for a bboy competition. The whole crew dressed up as greasers. Not sure what I will be this year... still thinking.

Best Halloween candy? Most overrated Halloween candy?

Candy corn is the best, until I eat more then three - then it's the worst and most overrated.

What are your Halloween plans for this year?

The Halloween party at Threadless HQ, and then trick or treat with my daughter the next day!

Follow Alex on Tumblr and Instagram to keep up with his incredible monster illustrations for all of #Inktober!

Score 200 Designs To Win A Trip To Chicago!

by jesshanebury / None /


Wowzers! There's almost 600 designs submitted for The Next Big Tee challenge. Which one should we award $10,000? Help us decide and we might give you a whopper of a prize: a trip to Chicago for 2014's Threadless Family Reunion!

Score 200 Next Big Tee submissions by Oct. 18. One random scorer will get $500 towards their trip next summer.

Start scoring now. We can't wait to hang out with the lucky winner!

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