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How it works

Artists from around the world submit designs, the Threadless community scores each design and the best of the best are printed and sold. New designs are chosen for print every week and the winning artists can profit handsomely for their designs, and in some cases, also take home big cash prizes from special themed design challenges.

What's a design challenge?

  1. Come up with an idea

    First, get inspired! Come up with the most creative design idea ever created.

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  3. Submit your design

    Place your design on a template, give it a sweet title, and upload it.

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  5. The community scores it

    Watch the comments and scores roll in while you promote your design all over the interwebs.

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  7. Win cash, prizes & fame!

    If your design is chosen for print, you’ll get mad cash and the world gets to buy your art!

  1. Come up with an idea

    Don't worry, this is the hardest part! You can either come up with an idea completely on your own, or, if you’re looking for inspiration, check out our themed design challenges. What do you think would look awesome on a t-shirt, hoody, iPhone case, or any of our other products? Iconic designs often have smart concepts behind them. Gather your thoughts, pull out your notebook and get started! Use the Threadless forums to collaborate with others on your design or ask for a critique.

  2. Submit your design

    When your design is ready for primetime, download one of our submission kits and create a presentation image. This will be the image that the community sees when they score your design. Oh, and be sure to save your hi-res file somewhere safe in case your design is printed! You'll then upload your image using our submission form and we'll also ask you for a title and other details about your work. Once your design is submitted, we'll take a look and approve it for scoring within a few days.

  3. The community scores your design

    During the scoring period, people from all over the world will score your design. When your time is up, we'll tally the votes and let you know how it fared – so be sure to spend this time shamelessly promoting it all over the web. BTW, the most successful artists on Threadless don't get discouraged by negative comments, they use them as constructive fuel to make their designs even stronger. It's rare for any artist to get printed the first time they submit, so keep at it!

  4. Win cash, prizes & fame!

    Threadless prints new designs on a variety of different products every single week. When your design is chosen, we'll reach out for the hi-res artwork and take care of the rest. Soon you’ll see your design up for sale and your name up in lights. Congratulations and thanks for playing!

  5. So, what are you waiting for?

    Submit a design