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Hand Drawn - Get Off Your Computer!

The Hand Drawn - Get Off Your Computer! challenge winners are here!

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The challenge was

Trade the stylus pen for a stylish pen!

Swap those pixels for paper and get back to your artistic roots!

Nowadays, art takes up more space on our hard drive than on our desk. But just like an e-book can’t replace that “new book smell”, there’s nothing that can replace the feeling of a pencil on paper. Time to rediscover that feeling!

We challenge you to reconnect with your artistic roots by disconnecting from your tablet and creating a hand drawn design outside of your computer. Clean it up a little in your computer afterwards if you must, but we want to see your style outside of a stylus. Trade the cursor for cursive, the pencil tool for an actual pencil, and get drawing!
Featured designs: Snitches Get Stitches, Ned Plimpton, Old Gamer

Challenge Details

  • $1,000 cash

  • $500 Threadless gift code

  • Plus, anyone who is printed (including the grand prize winner) will receive up to $7 on each t-shirt of their design sold on! Read more...

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