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The challenge was

Create a Threadless greeting card.

Birthdays. Baby showers. Cat christenings. Life is full of important events. And nine out of ten grandmas agree: It’s always polite to send a card. That’s why we want to make our very own Threadless greeting cards!

Your challenge is to design the front and write an original message for the inside of a greeting card! This is a great opportunity to grab your writin’ buddy and collab on a card that makes someone cry, smile, and LOL at the same time. Sloganeers, we’re “thinking of you.”

You can design for any occasion. Data shows more and more people are celebrating birthdays every year, so we’ll definitely be looking for some birthday cards to fill the increasing demand. But we’re open to just about anything!

Go on and get started. This challenge is addressed right to you.

Download the sub kit!

The winner received

  • $1,000 cash for grand prize

  • 50 copies of your greeting card for grand prize

  • Other designs chosen for print from this challenge will receive compensation based on the quantity printed.

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