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It’s cottagecore’s feral cousin.

Go full goblin mode for this challenge.

Goblincore is an aesthetic and subculture with an appreciation of nature that’s typically seen as less beautiful than, say, a flower or a butterfly. Much like cottagecore, it’s an escape from the trappings of modernity—only darker and grittier. Think mud, snails, and decomposing carcasses rather than birds singing outside your cabin window while you sip your morning coffee.

For your next challenge, craft a new design that lives within the mossy, mushroom-speckled world of goblincore. You might draw inspiration from goblin folklore, which inspires the subculture’s love for thrifting and second-hand jewelry. Or, zoom in on nature’s less celebrated creatures, like worms squirming around in the soil or a black crow perched on a cracked skull. You could also dive into goblincore fashion by experimenting with clashing colors and patterns.

Whichever wooded path you choose, put yourself in the mindset of a forest entity and conjure up something unbeleafable!


Featured designs:
BLACK TOAD by loll3

MUSHROOM MANIA by shadowlance


REBIRTH TAROT by doomandbloom

Challenge Details

  • First Place (1): $1,250 Cash & $250 gift code

  • Second Place (1): $500 Cash & $250 gift code

  • Third Place (1): $250 Cash & $250 gift code

  • Plus, all designs (including the first place winner) can earn up to $20 per unit on products of your design sold on Threadless.com, your Artist Shop, and other retail opportunities! Read more...

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