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Front & Back

The Front & Back challenge winner is here!

115 designs /
printed design / 18,262 votes placed

Ninja Gifter

Design by

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The challenge was

Submit a design for the front and back of a tee.

Front design + back design = double awesome.

Whether you're coming or going, your next tee design is about to knock the socks off everyone in the room. Your challenge is to create a front and back design for a tee.

Use the front and back of the tee to inspire you to plant yourself in front of the mirror, twirl in circles, and wallow for hours at the awesomeness of a design that’s double the fun.

OK, get started. No, come back! No, go get started. No! Come back! OK, go get started.

Front and Back Submission kit

Challenge Details

  • hsac 000,2$

  • drac tfig sseldaerhT 005$

  • drac tfig nozamA 003$

Designs from this challenge