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Foster The People

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King of the city
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Pumped Up Kicks

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Riot Wave

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The challenge was

Create a design inspired by Foster The People’s music to benefit Foster The Future.

The three-member band of “Pumped Up Kicks” fame came together in 2009 through mutual friends in the Los Angeles music scene. Once Foster The People released their debut album “Torches” in 2011, their music began hitting the top of the charts and was nominated for two Grammy Awards. Foster The People spent much of 2012 touring and playing indie pop for fans worldwide and is now working on their second album.

Foster The Future joined the band for their 2012 North American tour. Together, they created events and projects to encourage and inspire people to help one another and build community. Now you can join the band in their support for Foster The Future’s work. Use Foster the People’s dancy blend of traditional rock and electronic pop as inspiration to create a t-shirt design. 25% of the sales from the winning design will benefit the cause.

Challenge Details

  • $1000 cash

  • $250 Threadless gift code

  • 3% royalty after 1,000 units are sold

  • A deluxe Foster the People prize pack including an autographed Foster The People 'Torches' CD, an autographed Foster The People 'Torches' Vinyl LP, a pair of autographed Foster The People Drumsticks, an autographed Foster The People Drumhead, an official Foster The People T-Shirt and Foster The Future Stickers. image

Designs From This Challenge

Foster The People

Foster The Future

Foster The Future is the philanthropic initiative founded in partnership with Foster The People that works with individuals, charities and communities to influence the act of giving back and creating community. For the past two summers, the Foster The Future team toured with the band to engage and inspire fans and supporters to give back across North America. Moving forward, the team will continue to partner with the band to find creative ways to give back and build community.