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HELP - Could use some advice please!

Howdy - I have had over 86 designs accepted. Yet not one has gotten a score above 3.(came close a couple times) I could use some feedback in order to improve.

Thank you.

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there isn't much we can really say but this: Make good designs and socialise in the forums. You will gain a following and will help you gain more exposure.

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4 designs submitted - Score now!

yeah I think you need more promoting - twitter tumblr, them things and just more hanging around talking to people. You got good stuff. I like some of your ideas a lot, like the schrödingers cat, but I have never seen them. On the art side you could try using some textures and on some of the characters some more dynamic poses.

that's my two cents


Hey! I was just looking at a few of your subs, and I thought this Blader Runner one was neat: I liked the Holy Grail one too. I think you just need to figure out a different/better concept. Maybe drop the wine label idea and focus on doing a cool Tyrell shirt or something. And I second the comment about using some textures. I like your style! Your planet subs are cool ideas too.

I would recommend first checking out this page: These are ALL of our printed designs. That will give you a good idea of the type of designs that get printed.

My second bit of advice would be to post your designs on the forum before you submit them to a challenge. There are a lot of great artists here that would be able to give you some great tips and feedback.

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