Started this design, but artist's block


so I started to make this design of an astronauts helmet. But now I'm stuck.

This is what I have so far but I can't think of anything else to add/remove. I know its no where near done yet. Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for the help! The Threadless Community is great! :)

Watch this

My suggestion would be to print out... Oh, I don't know, like, 20 copies, and quickly draw out a different concept for each one by hand. Then, choose your favourite concept and replicate it digitally.

I think most seasoned threadless designers would find it strange or even difficult to start working on a design without having either a concept or strong visual idea in place first, so by taking the design off the computer you can stop worrying about the artwork being perfect and instead worry about why you're making this design in the first place.

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