Spider-Man Design

Hello Everyone
Any Feedback on my design would greatly be appreciated . Thank you everyone.

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Awesome idea and illustration style. The thing that bugging me is that you can sort of make out Venom's logo inside the symbiote that is trying to engulf Spider-Man. Anyone who doesn't know About Spider-Man and his villains wouldn't pick up on that. Also the splatter itself seems kind of squared off in its pattern around Spidey. Good luck to you, I hope this helps.


dude, the spiderman comp finished ages ago. as far as i know you can't do tshirts with characters (eg spiderman/ ironman/ lion king) outside of sponsored competition, unless it falls under the rules of parody. i think you may have missed the boat on this one. i would email threadless to ask, before sinking any more time into this.


Hey Guys I went back in and touched it up a little to clarify the design a little better. Took out the splatter and squared look to it. IBD- You are right my friend, seemed a little hard to read.

T-P, I'm a little new here and still working out the details, They had it up for submission so not sure of the full rule book here but I will email them and do a little more research. Thank you ,Sir

Thanks Guys Much appreciated Steve C.

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