To type or not to type Wich one is better?

Hi this is my first post!
I just wanted to share 1 of my designs and a variation, I'm a artist as I'm a designer, threadless makes me want to mix both stuff and my submission, I tried to make a font in one like a daftpunk style and another submission a clean version, I didnt want to submit both, but once I submited the one with the type I FELT LIKE I RUINED MY PAINTING and submited a clean version ._. haha I would love to improve in typography I love stylish typography tees! wich one do you like better?
Check out my, I will check at you too



Sorry my english!

Watch this

i would prefer it without the typo... btw nice colors!


haha oks is no type better then, I will try to not make the same mistake in my next submission, Thanks :D

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