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Hi all,

I'm thinking of submitting this illustration I did. I am quite happy with the way it looks, but I'm wondering if there is anything i need to do with it? Any suggestions would be great, or if you all think its ready then ill just submit it now.

thanks in advance and keep making me more awesome tees to wear!


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Cool.It would work better on a black background, also the dolphin looks too sad while I think the general atmosphere you want to convey is some kind of stupid funny enthousiasm (wich I like). The white spots on the robot seem weird, lose them all or put more white on the character suit, more reflection effects. One last thing, the text seem to come from the tiny planet, maybe put the planet lower to avoid that impression. Ultimately if is was for me I would put a smile on the robot face and make dead cross eyes on the dolphin... or a smile too. Anyway it looks good beside those details.


Wow love your illustration. I think you should leave it like this but what c-royal said, the expression of the dolphin could be more happy. And i'm just thinking out loud but maybe a rainbow out of his *** should be funny. But i do like it the way it looks now


thank's for the quick feed back guys! Yeh i think the dolphin does look a bit sad, which might not work given the situation. I will have a look at the white on the robot, it started as a mistake, but i quite liked the contrast so ill try and make that work. haha i like the dead dolphin idea, a bit of dark humour may indeed work well. I might have a look at adding a rainbow...possibly out of the other end of the dolphin tho ;p once again thanks for the comments and ill try and update as soon as possible with a new version.


No problem, i would like to see it up dated. Good luck!


Aw that's so cute! Love it! I think for the most part its done but you could add more white accents or little stars here and there. Maybe on the moon planet or the robot just to separate the outline from background. but other then that its great and good luck!


ja, i agree. the design is very cool, simple but elegant. but the sad look of the dolphin and the missing theeth seems a bit odd to mee. maybe the dolphin just needs its eyes to just sit a little bit higher in his head to change the impression...


cheers again guys, seems to be the same kind of feeling for the edits, ill have an update this weekend!

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I think c-royal was right about the black background. And while simple is good, I think one more spot color wouldn't hurt. Nice illustration!

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