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Thoughts on my intergalactic design?

I was wondering if anyone thinks that my possible submission here is ready to go, needs work, or am I just wasting everyone's time? Look forward to responses.

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It doesn't look bad, but it's just a face which is a bit plain for a tshirt . Besides that it's not bad!

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I'm going for a whole specter of the cosmos type of thing.


it's cool, i'd like to see it mocked up on a tee though. right now i'd probably give it a 3 or 4


That's cool, sorry I can't think of any way to make it better, I imagine the placement on the shirt to be really big almost covering the whole front, if would look cool like that probably.


looks great as it is already :)


Is this Picolo? its got some kind of set of horns.

I think a good way to improve this is to make the colors softer. Right now they look hard, if that makes sense...

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I made some modifications to the design because when it was suggested that there were horns, it was all I could see, so I touched it up a bit. I have also shown placement on a tee with the image at different sizes. What do you think?

2 designs submitted - Score now!

looks cool! don't know about the size though, I like both!


maybe it needs text or something


the overall look is quite cool, but i don´t like the green around the nose... maybe it could come out better, if the gradient wasn´t too static...

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That's my kinda tee! I'd make it even smaller though. That's my personal preference. But it's a sure 5 from me.

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Great job I really like this!!!


I really like this design you made. In my opinion i would love to see the face a little smaller but more space and stars around it on the shirt. Good luck with your submission!


I think you have a really good start here, but if you really want to push yourself creatively I would challenge you to try to incorporate more defined astrological elements into the face rather than just having a face decal stamped over some stars. Example: galaxies for eyes, nebulae for the nose, etc. It would make it more than a face in the stars into a face made of stars.

Either way, good luck!


i don't like the colors. it just seems like you through a radial rainbow gradient on multiply/softlight. i'd go for a more constrained color scheme such as purple and blues


how about some clouds around the face ?

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I have tried out some different color schemes. What do you think?

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