Thoughts on my intergalactic design?

I was wondering if anyone thinks that my possible submission here is ready to go, needs work, or am I just wasting everyone's time? Look forward to responses.

Watch this

That's cool, sorry I can't think of any way to make it better, I imagine the placement on the shirt to be really big almost covering the whole front, if would look cool like that probably.


Is this Picolo? its got some kind of set of horns.

I think a good way to improve this is to make the colors softer. Right now they look hard, if that makes sense...

In Brightest Day

I made some modifications to the design because when it was suggested that there were horns, it was all I could see, so I touched it up a bit. I have also shown placement on a tee with the image at different sizes. What do you think?


the overall look is quite cool, but i don´t like the green around the nose... maybe it could come out better, if the gradient wasn´t too static...

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That's my kinda tee! I'd make it even smaller though. That's my personal preference. But it's a sure 5 from me.


I really like this design you made. In my opinion i would love to see the face a little smaller but more space and stars around it on the shirt. Good luck with your submission!

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I think you have a really good start here, but if you really want to push yourself creatively I would challenge you to try to incorporate more defined astrological elements into the face rather than just having a face decal stamped over some stars. Example: galaxies for eyes, nebulae for the nose, etc. It would make it more than a face in the stars into a face made of stars.

Either way, good luck!


i don't like the colors. it just seems like you through a radial rainbow gradient on multiply/softlight. i'd go for a more constrained color scheme such as purple and blues

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