design help PLEASEE

I need help with my PAWYUKEN design. I was trying to portray ryu and ken but idk how to add to the dog simply to make it represent ken. and other design advice would be amazing. i'm trying to only use black, white and red. going for a yin yang type of idea

Watch this

Hi what I could suggest is that you do the finishing moves in the same style as the cat and dog. But this is a really concept.


What dreamscott said. The finishing move effect to have strokes so that it looks more consistent. other than that it's nice (: you could apply a bit more of the red strokes elsewhere on the design too.


I really like the idea, I wish I thought of it!

But the paw are off centered i would aline it better with the arrows. Also the top arrow and the plus i feel are off centered. it doesn't have to be an exact straight line but it needs to flow.

Also i agree that the styles of the cat and dog need to match, the faces are very different. i would pick a one eye shape and whether or not I would nose would be added for both.


I'm not really sure how you can simply add to the dog to make it look like Ken to be honest, but I think that if the cat represent Ryu then it should have been the white one as Ryu's outfit is white which would go with the red headband. For the dog, you could make it's body and tail red to represent Kens outfit, but I don't think that this alone would give it away... Possibly a yellow fringe on this head? I know you didn't want to introduce any other colours, but might be difficult to make him hook like Ken otherwise... :/


Cool, i like it! In my opinion i like it this way


i like the circle you created with the paw yuken its has more fluid movement.

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