My Artwork for $20k !! Any Suggestions for improvements.

Hi Threadfriends,
Need some fresh eyes on this design any tweaks, improvements, critique or just plain gud words :) needed. The design inspiration is from my other design with an artist in the center with hands spread out with drawing elements like pencil, eraser, pen etc in here im trying to execute the same thing with more mature look on the artist with the hipster glasses and kind of a suit to show its professionalism....need help should i put the elements or somethings else wud be great enuf.

Thnx a lot for stopping by.

Watch this

I don't really see a hipster or an artist. I see a bald man who looks like the boss of some corporate call center job. He doesnt really fit with this godly type of pose you have him in.

NW_Studios profile pic Alumni

Honestly I thought he was some kind of corporate Slenderman thing. Sorry man, I don't get it at all. :(

If he's an artist, maybe include some artist tools? Not sure if that would be enough to sell your overarching concept, but at least I think the audience would get that he's an artist and not a psuedo-hipster Walter White.

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