Hey ladies! Done & scoring.

Submitted all 6!

Watch this

Thanks! One more.


Thank you!

Last one for tonight. Resub from the Bed Bath & Beyond challenge (WHOEVER WON THAT ONE?), normal printing. More will come.

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The birds are great but I'd lose the paw prints and make them a little bigger maybe?Or add a few more!? It looks a little empty. Besides that they look lovely!


i wouldn't wear any of these. but i think the bird one is sort of okay, in sense that i think others might wear it. i think there should be a separate option on your profile where you can collect the designs you would actually want to buy, because the voting criteria are not fixed. sometimes you give a high number because you think it fits the challenge or because it gives a twist to the theme of a challenge, because it's well crafted or other reasons. i think the voting system as it is now foremost shows the social relations


Thanks again =) I'll change the paws, put them low on the shirt and make them optional. There were more birds on the BBB versions and they looked cluttered. Will try again.

In the meantime, 3 more, wavy-scaly collage thingies.

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I would wear the first one, the blue gears one and the middle one from the last three you posted. :)


Thank you good people! I'll submit some of these then =)


I really like the the scale design. the color pallet its lovely


Thanks girls! Scoring =)


Thank you Lili!

One more. Someone stop me!


Dooooooone fuuuuu


Googling 'girly gif' resulted in this. I have no idea what it is. Also bump.

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