Help! Need a coffee...

Some designs I get really quick and others (like this) I keep playing with for hours/ days. The idea is based on 'Coffee Goggles' and I'm looking to submit it in the 'Minimalism' Competition. What can I do to simplify this concept?



Watch this
ELa Rivs

I like the first design cuz it's more simple


Agree with osaze. Perhaps a few bubbles in the foam.

Orton Studios

Thanks guys. Appreciate your feedback!


i am also for the first one. but then, it looks kinda strange that the two cups have the exact same foam in them. You could either give them a little variation or you just go for black coffee, i think that would look pretty cool


i dunno. my worthless 5cents is that it is not enough. it is not very visually appealing nor clever. i would personally never buy it. also, 2 circles on boobs = not great.

but meh. if you are having fun, go right ahead :)

Orton Studios

Thanks for the honesty guys. Good to hear what other people thought. I've held off on taking this one further.


I like the first version, and I agree with the fact that you have to rework the foam a little bit. I think that the idea is nice.

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