Really Cool/Awesome, Possibly Winning Monster Design Idea: Deadline Tomorrow! Collab w/ me :D

Hello fellow artists!

I just happened to see the new challenges and I had this brilliant idea for a design. I am not the fastest artist and since the deadline is tomorrow, you might want to hear me out. Here it goes. Whoever wants to do a collab with me, here's the idea:

Famous Horror Villains and their hands/arms
-the whole front of the shirt will be just full of hands, that look like they are grabbing you from behind. The middle one would be a hand that is grabbing your bloody heart

-Dracula: pale hand with long nails, painted black, bloody
-Chuckie: a tiny doll hand with striped sleeves
-Freddy Krueger: hand with the long metal contraption
-Frankenstein's Monster: large, green hand with stitches
-Ghostface: black gloved hands with his famous bloody knife
-Candyman: his bloody hooked hand
-Samara: pale, dainty, bloody and dirty hand
-Pennywise: long, scary fingers; include his clown sleeves
-Pinhead: white, manly hand with partial glove/sleeve?
-Alien: from Alien vs. Predator
-Hannibal Lecter: not sure.. holding a fork perhaps? that's aimed at your heart?
-The Exorcist girl: small, pale and bruised hand

Good luck!!!! :D

Watch this

This sounds so awesome! I'd help you with it, but sadly I have to work tonight so I won't have the time :(

juliebenitez profile pic Alumni

I should check Threadless regularly :( Oh well, next time!

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