Low scores on the vote.. Open for critique!


So I made it through the design submission process, and I was up for votes. I've never received such a polarizing reaction to any of my pieces before, though... Many people really liked it and almost as many disliked it. I'm just looking for feedback to at least get a better score total.


Let me know what you think,and how I could possibly make this better/more appealing for the crowd at large. :) Thanks for any help, in advance!

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Actually your score is not that bad! Many printed designs come from the 2.80 area, so you see it's not like everything needs a solid 5! Although I like the artwork, the colour pallette and the style, maybe it is a little "smudgy" for a tee so I'm guessing people that like more clean-cut types wouldn't vote for it with a 4 or 5. But anyway you can ask for feedback before subbing so you can generally get a feel for how people view your design and get usefull pointers in how to make it even better! Besides that don't stress about the scores! It's not the only factor for printed designs! :)


Love the ink work. There's a big readability problem though: I didn't see the birds at all until I wondered about the title, then the swan looks really weird. The eye vs beak sizes and positions make it look creepy, the head reminds of the Alien.

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The only thing that really bothers me is the mockup on a different color shirt than the white it's otherwise presented on. It looks good on white, because it was painted on white paper but on the pink shirt the white showing through the water colors looks bad.


I love inks... so naturally I loved this one. I agree with the bird thing, at the beginning I didn't notice them (the crow took longer to be notices for some reason) but then it was like making a discovery and I was like... Ah!!! Birds <3 Good job, I am looking forward to see more :D


Thanks all for the feedback! I will definitely incorporate the feedback about the mockup/placement and the birds' faces!

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