Greedy Human please I need feedback everyone!!!

Watch this

Hey everyone!! I took a really long time uploading the modified design and I can't seem to find the previous upload so here goes!!! lots of feedback please!!!



Thanks, here is the original one I had up for critiquing just so you all have an idea of what it was before. About it looking like two separate pieces any suggestions aside from the lines?


I like the stippled design of the human body parts and bugs but the thick black shapes really distract.


yeah that was the comment on the first thread I started which is why I took them away and left the pure lines as shown in the one at the top... Any suggestions for that one? Thanks!

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stippled look is nice the image is really weird, but has some intriguing qualities. I don't like the lines in the back ground, I'd rather see just the elements in a more tight together configuration, placed in the center of the T.

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A key question to ask during the designing phase is not just "does this look good", but "who would buy this?" You can put a lot of work into making a piece of art that might work as a concept or image, but honestly, who is going to pay money for a t-shirt with a grotesquely distorted human face chewing up bugs?

I apologize if that sounds harsh, I genuinely do, but you are new to Threadless and if you want to be successful here you need to incorporate that most important question into your design process from the very beginning.

Remember, beneath the cool artist community and fan voting Threadless is a business.

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