Minimal Food! Does this look like sushi?

Thanks 8)

also, new sushi update:

newer sushi:

Watch this
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i wanted to make it a triangle with equal sides to add to the minimalism and not use a circle to represent the pepperoni

dnice25 profile pic Alumni

hmmm? What if you had like 1-2 areas where the cheese drips just a little? That way you can get the idea of pizza more? Right now i'm starting to see a food pyramid

lxromero profile pic Staff

maybe instead of that middle orange line you add a circle so that it reads more like pizza

dnice25 said:

Better this way

but also curious about the isometric version. maybe do both

parallelish profile pic Alumni

Idk about an isometric version, I want to keep it super simple, because I was thinking of doing a series of these, cheese burger, taco, hotdog...

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I think it would look better as a circle with that one triangle seperated. But I like this too.

parallelish profile pic Alumni

here's what I got so far for the series:

not sure if the last two fit in as much though since they don't use bars.

thanks for all the input as well everyone 8)


i think the first 3 work best as a series; pizza, hamburger, taco


Yeah the last two dont really fit. But it would be really cool if you can incorporate sushi and a donut in the series because they are awesome. It feels like they need something else though. Something mind blowing to make them more recognizable. I like your idea for the series so far.

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It's a nice series, especially seeing them together as a set, so I can see why you'd try to get the donut and sushi to work with the others, but as an individual shirt, outside of the context of the series, I'd be far more likely to actually wear the original sushi design as opposed to the revised one. It's more iconic and it looks cooler and funnier than the other one (imho)


I agree with the other posters, the side donuts are really nice

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Thanks guys 8)

@opifan64 yeah I like the 1st sushi I had more too, I haven't decided yet if I want to sub them separately or put them all on one tee, if I sub them separate I'll probably do the 1st sushi.

EZFL said:

Like the side view of the donuts. I'm thinking you should do a bakers dozen and sub that.

Really like that idea!

The side view donuts are great.


Donuts are good. Sushi, first one was better. Maybe you can do the sushi cut in half so you can see the inside showing the white (rice) orange (crab meat) light green(cucumber) and the outer seaweed edge.


If youre going to use curves you might as well do the sushi how you first designed it. To me that doesnt quite look like sushi. What if you leveled off the top as well so its a rectangle?

parallelish profile pic Alumni

Yeah I'll probably sub the 1st sushi, but maybe the 2nd to keep the series more consistent... Idk

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