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I've only recently begun to use a tablet and photoshop for drawing so I'm drowning in all the information. I'm not exactly sure how to word this question do people get really smooth lines in their drawings? I don't understand how to go from a "sketched look" to a "finalized look." At the moment, I'm trying to make smooth lines with the pen tool while having another layer for my sketched out drawing, and then using the stroke option on the paths. However, I feel like this isn't the "recommended" procedure. Would really appreciate any help or links that could get me better acquainted with features/tools of photoshop that would help me in these artistic endeavours ~(@.@~)

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If you want to make vector designs, you'll find PS vector tools (pen and shapes) to be limited. Illustrator is best and probably what you want.

If you go raster, it's also notoriously difficult to make clean lines with PS brushes. I don't do any of these so I can't say first hand, but I've read various recommendations:

  • find and get some good brush sets for PS;

  • try Painter Shop Pro (I think) which is better for brushes;

  • try MangaStudio which is better for linework.

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Use the eraser to carefully correct unsightly bumps in your lines. Practice making long continuous even strokes. Try to draw more from the shoulder than the wrist. And try out Lazy Nezumi if you're using Windows (don't know about Mac alternatives), it really makes drawing long smooth curves so much easier. But generally Manga Studio handles tablet pressure better than PS and has better smoothing algorithms (or something like that).


Just get really good with a mouse and the pen or bezier tool Takes a lot of practice, but it's one of those design skills that you can use in all sorts of applications as you get better. When I used to have apprentices or interns, I made sure they always spent a lot of time just drawing basic shapes and outlining subjects with this tool. It's worth every minute of effort.

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